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The Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Kiosk Now Live

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Kiss Ltd and Decaying Logic are please to announce that the Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Kiosk has now been unlocked.

Fans of Pixel Puzzles Ultimate can now spend their hard earned Golden Pieces on new cursors, themes, special figural puzzles, miscellaneous experimental puzzles, music packs and much. much more. Additional content will be added to the Kiosk each month.

Items can be purchased from the Kiosk by using either ‘Golden Pieces’ or ‘Ultimate Pieces’. Every item in the Kiosk has a Gold Piece price but anything can be purchased with one Ultimate Piece.

When puzzles are completed, players are awarded ‘Golden Pieces’.  Likewise, when a player completes a Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Monthly Challenge they are awarded an ‘Ultimate Piece’.

Special puzzles purchased through the Kiosk can be found in the new ‘Uniques’ area accessed via the tab in the main menu top toolbar.

Past ‘Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Monthly Challenges’ have also been added to the Kiosk. If players miss or fail to complete one of the Monthly Challenges, they now have the opportunity to try them again. Players completing an old Challenge will NOT be awarded an Ultimate Pieces but will still earn Golden Pieces.

To celebrate the launch of the Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Kiosk, Kiss Ltd and Decaying logic are offering double Golden Pieces for completing a puzzle. This offer will run until 1st of April.

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