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Legend of Mighty Magic Coming to Googleplay

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Gamebau has announced its next game “Legend of Mighty Magic” a fantastic turn based PvP mobile game due to be released for Android. You start off in a new world, completely unexplored on an empty base. Only a couple of buildings are there. You check your map and realize that you can just see 1% of it. Everything is new.

Legend of Mighty Magic brings you a restart, taking you from struggling to defeat a single Goblin to the point where your Heroes are destroying contless waves of enemies on Survival Mode.

Should you have 2 ranged heroes, instead of one? Should you balance all elements or focus on a few? These are all question you will have to answer in order to be strongest. Improve your defenses as well as you attack power, build fortifications, forge equipments, create spells and upgrade your to 1, 2, 3, 4 starts and beyond. Gather resources, defeat other players, create and grow your guild and have total control of your destiny.

The game will follow a “freemium” model and will be released in the US and Latam first for Android. You can also check out screenshots and more information at:

http://lomm.wikia.com/wiki/Legends_of_Mighty_Magic_Wiki and

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overseas and bringing great games to the world with several mobile and PC titles published! Check us out at: http://gamebau.com/

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