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Hearthstone Global Games livestreamed matches

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The Hearthstone Global Games tournament has begun! Hearthstone fans from around the world have cast their ballots to select the players representing their countries, and the 48 national teams have started battling it out in the first phase of online matches.

Teams are playing to determine who will face off in the live event finals later this year, with national glory and a share of more than $300,000 USD at stake!

Matches are scheduled to take place each week on Tuesday starting at 09:00 BST, Wednesday starting at 15:00 BST, and Friday starting at 2:00 BST—livestreamed on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel in English, and rebroadcast later in the day. Streams are also available in several other languages, including German.

The next scheduled matches are as follows:

April 25 — 09:00 BST

April 26 — 15:00 BST

·       Bulgaria vs. Indonesia

·       Singapore vs. Turkey

·       Hong Kong vs. Portugal

·       Germany vs. Philippines

·       Czech Republic vs. Croatia

·       Denmark vs Kazakhstan

·       UK vs. Romania

·       Spain vs. Argentina

·       Finland vs. Chile

·       Canada vs. Belgium

You can find stream details and the full match schedule through June 15 on the Hearthstone blog.

Be sure to visit the Hearthstone Global Games page for more information on the event and the teams.

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