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Atlas Reactor: Season 3 Amps Up the Competition with New Freelancer, Map, Stats Feature and More

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Face Off Against the Latest Lancer, Meridian, on the Competitive New “Hyperforge” Map Today

Trion Worlds’ genre-defining competitive strategy game Atlas Reactor has now launched its third season, introducing a brand new support Freelancer, a challenging new map, 11 new skins and new Stats, Badges, and Achievements features that allow players to track their individual performance and earn rewards. Details for the new content added in Atlas Reactor Season 3 follow below:

  • New Freelancer, Meridian – Crush the competition as the hammer-wielding new automaton, Meridian, the Herald of Hyperion. The massive, newly awakened mech blurs the line between Frontline and Support, obstructing enemies within melee range, while shielding and healing nearby teammates.
  • New Map, The Hyperforge – Wage war in Hyperbotics’ hi-tech armoury, the Hyperforge, where the open battleground and generous camouflage make for tense, wide-ranging skirmishes.
  • 11 New Warforged Skins – Show your mettle in new “Warforged” skins for Freelancers Kaigin, Phaedra, Su-Ren, Rask and Blackburn, featuring completely robotic versions of these Freelancers.
  • New Stats, Badges and Achievements Features – Set records, beat your personal bests, and see how your skills measure up against everyone in your class with a new Stats feature. Every player can now track, improve upon, and compare their performances in the Support, Firepower, and Frontliner categories, encouraging competition on a brand new level. Badges can be earned comparing player performance to global averages, and new in-game Achievements and Steam Achievements reward players for fulfilling difficult tasks.
  • More Rewards Through Season 3 Ranked – Starting with Season 3 Ranked, which will begin two weeks, all players who participate in Ranked will earn more rewards for participation. At the end of each Ranked season, players will earn special, rank-based Emblems, a massive bonus of Prestige Points that can be used to unlocked Golden VFX swaps for their favourite Freelancer’s primary ability, and more.

You can read more about the wealth of new content players can enjoy in Atlas Reactor Season 3 on the game’s blog.

Described by Polygon as “Dota meets XCOM,”Atlas Reactor has become the must-play game of influencers, earning “Very Positive” from player reviews on Valve’s Steam. Atlas Reactor reinvents tactical team combat, combining competitive, fast-paced turn-based action with simultaneous turns in high-risk battles. Players must outsmart their fellow Freelancers with mere seconds to survey the field, coordinate with their team, and lock in their moves. With teamwork, quick wits, and smart predictions, players can devise the best strategy to take down the competition and achieve victory.

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