Thomas Lashbrook
Thomas Lashbrook
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Studying BSc Psychology at University of South Wales. Primarily a musician with a love of all things audio technology and audio production gaming is my escape into hopefully beautiful worlds full of wonderful experiences and phenomenal soundtracks. I review with an unbiased ‘try anything once’ mentality and love to find wonderful little indie games or audio technology and will pull any game apart with no discrimination. In general my preferred games are story-driven open world adventures of any kind though I will play anything if I find fun in it.

Crest Review

In the beginning, there was the word. Language is an important thing as words change over time. Their meanings move, ebb and flow with modernity. What something meant at the level of words and deeper …

Vampyr Review

Spooky scary squishy vampires. How does one define consequence? As a term, it refers to the result or effect of an action and we generally see it as unpleasant. I remember picking up inFamous one bank…

Battletech Review

Heavy Metal. I look in horror at the abysmal failure my mission was. My mechs lie all over the place, legs blown off, fairly rare weaponry in pieces, and several pilots dead. It was going so well, and…