Anthem VIP Beta Impressions

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  1. Cyrus1980 says:

    There is something that is not quiet fair.
    Anthem is not Destiny driven, ok weapon and other thing sound similar but there is more. The combo system and the passive ability of each javelis is a crucial pattern and you tell a story of “all javelin are the same”. In destiny you shoot whit all 3 classes and your ability are limited to the classes, in anthem your ability change and you have 4 ability for slot only the support one are 2. Destiny have no combo system (the true news whit the fliying) and every different javelin have a passive whit combo. At the end the melee attack is on recharge like destiny not for the interceptor, a class that can do a melee build, and the colossus have a melee build too.
    So cynic or not, u have not been fair whit your impression.