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Solar 2 Review

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Solar 2 for the PC, is published by Murudai a fairly small indie gaming company who have big plans for small games. So far Solar 2 has been one of the most successfully published games from the developers so far.

Solar 2 can be an interesting game if you are used to playing flash games. You probably have seen the type of game that you absorb other particles or sometimes shoot other particles to get bigger. Well Solar 2 is pretty much the same except that you start out asan asteroidand grow into a planet by bumping into other asteroids. You absorb asteroids till you get life, which will give you shields to protect yourself and ships that attack enemies. This can be a useful tool; however it can also be a nuisance as they can destroy asteroids and planets when you don’t want them to.

Once you evolve into a planet, the rules change. Instead of just bumping into other planets, all you really need to do is get close enough to them for your gravitational pull to bring them into your orbit. If you have done this correctly then they will rotate around you as if they have always been there. But if you have moved to abruptly they will crash into you, blowing up in the process and negatively impacting your size and durability.

After turning into a planet the next step is to transform into a star. Once you become a star you will begin to attract the attention of planets that will fall into an orbital pattern around you, treating you like the sun. Asteroids will also be attracted to you and these will become moons ultimately transforming you into a solar system. Once transformed into a solar system you have the ability to have up to 10 planets orbiting your sun, these then become under control by you. Once in control you can decide whether you wish to keep them as planets or transform them into stars. If you choose to transform them into stars you can then pull them towards your sun and transform your sun in to a larger star. If you choose to keep them as planets you can allow them to increase their mass, although if you let their mass get to great then you can choose to transform them into a black hole. In order to transform into a black hole both your sun and planets need to increase their mass equally and then combine themselves into one particle.

When you become a black hole the game changes completely, it becomes easier to play as all you do is float around and suck up planets, asteroids and even other black holes that are smaller in size than you. Black holes that are larger than you will suck you in and then it becomes game over and you need to start again, but this can be avoided by the nifty little indicator then gives you clear warning if approaching a larger black hole. This option can be turned off if you would like to increase the games difficulty. Once you reach a mass of 1,000,000 then you will cause a big bang and then you have completed the full cycle of the asteroid.

While travelling your journey in life as an asteroid to a star, you will come across missions which are separated by what you are. Asteroids, planets and stars all have different mission types. For example, as an asteroid you may have to hurl yourself into planets or dodge missiles sent by other ships. But as a planet you will either have to defend yourself from an attack of space raiders, or saving spaces finest art from those pesky parasite life forms which need to be removed. As a star your missions will be more of a large scale from fighting off whole solar systems to stealing and delivering planets to certain areas. Once all missions are completed there will be a big boss show down, this is a secret I am not going to share as that would be telling just a bit too much.

With both the relaxing overtone and the exciting missions this game really does provide the best of both worlds. The sounds are great and the music never dulls the action, but instead compliments it. If you are a big sci-fi fan then Solar 2 will be the experience you have been waiting for.

Solar 2 has really renewed my faith in open-world gaming. This is such an amazing game; it becomes hard to walk away from. I personally think that this inspiring sequel gives the games genre a strong future and a standard in which to aspire.

Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.


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