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Sniper Elite: Zombie Zombie Army Review

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Sniper Elite V2 was arguably a small release, a sequel to a already niche title, though many people felts that the lower emphasis on stealth was a let-down, for you, Nazi zombie army is not for you at all, this game is straight up

2a zombie game, no stealth, zombies always know where you are once you fired your first shot, and will walk towards you, unless they spawn in front of you, to which they already know where you are, stealthy this is not.

To summarise the story, it’s coming to the end of WWII, Hitler is in his bunker with his advisers telling him its time to retreat, the war, has been lost, Though Hitler isn’t big on this idea so he activates a beam that raise the dead, only Nazi’s, all across Germany, you still play as good old Karl Fairburn, and your plan is to survive and kill as many Nazi’s as you can in the process.

Thankfully this standalone expansion doesn’t flake out on the graphics, and looks just as amazing as V2, and just as demanding as well, though since may of last year, new cards have been released that will have an easier time running this game, though there are small differences, little satanic decals, a lot of fog, because well, Zombies need fog clearly, and of course the zombies, these zombies look fantastic, and when you get a kill that starts the well-known skill cam, the skeleton is green and looks rotted/mouldy and their brains are brown and look dead, and of course as with the previous, getting a kill cam across the map 1is a very satisfying experience, even the main menu has gotten a over haul with instead of the room being overrun by Nazi’s its now being overrun by the Nazi zombies, little touches.

Though for those of you that enjoyed the mechanics of the sniper, you will be disappointed to note that the wind and bullet drop in this version seems to of been lowered a small amount, while this does lend itself well to the more frantic action of the zombies, it would be nice to see the game to of kept its original stealth based gameplay with zombies, but for what this game does, it does it very well and is enjoyable.

Sound wise, its acceptable, and in some places great, grunts and moans can be heard almost constantly, with shouts of evacuation heard in the background, this game does a good job of managing to set the scene very well with minimal music and keeps tension high in some places.

Over all the game is the same as Sniper Elite V2, if you could run that well you should have no problems running zombie army, the game runs well, as does any game made in the unreal engine, and it still plays and feels just as good as the previous.

Now to the biggest part of this game, Co-op mode, every zombie has to have a co-op mode, that’s the rule, that or every game has to have a zombie mode. Well there isn’t much new here, you have 4 different characters and you can proceed through the main campaign together on different difficulty levels, working 5together to bring down the horde, most of the game though if you have a full team of 4 the little areas where they spawn you will find incredibly easy if you have a half competent team,  the siege parts is where it gets interesting, and unfortunately extremely taxing on your graphics card, with 60 zombies walking down a street and endlessly spawning I was reduced to 20fps and had to switch to my SMG to hit anything, but apart from  that, these parts are what shine through in Co-op, setting up traps and trying desperately to keep the waves and waves of them back. It s worth to note that the first siege is also when you meet your first “Special” zombie, a massive tank that can take a obscene amount of damage  all while carrying what looks like a M40 LMG and firing upon your squad, head shots stun him, and grenades are needed to take this guy down.

Its unfortunate that apart from the tank and occult bosses, that are are a lack of different zombies, 5 at best with the runners carrying TNT to blow you up, to even sniper zombies where you have to battle with them at range, which is a nice twist to a stagnant zombie formula.

Though one thing that seems to be missing is some form of survival mode or constant siege mode, as the sieges are arguably the most fun parts of the game, the ability to be able to set up trip wires and mine around the level, then proceed back to the safe house to take on the oncoming swarm, be it constant or in waves is a massive missed opportunity that would easily keep the community playing what is unfortunately a very short game, there is a big outcry for something like this, so I hope the developers are listening closely .


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.


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