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CJS CDkeys Royally Messed up Dark Souls 2 Launch for their customers.

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With the recent release of Dark Souls 2 for PC, there was an unfortunate delay with the Retail Box Version of the game. Now this is very sad times for anyone that lives in the UK and loves to have a hard-copy and wishes to play the game on launch.

However it’s even worse when you go to a CD key site and buy the game, under the impression that you are buying a KEY for the game on launch, and then finding out that the CDkey site will not be offering you keys as they are waiting on UK Retail Stock. Now this would not be too bad if when you purchased the key, it clearly stated on the site what you are buying, Retail Box Key or Digital Key followed by region the key can be used.

This was and is still is a massive issue for one site that we ourselves are currently having issues with, and find what they are doing is totally wrong, we have also reported there wrong doings to Trading Standards.

The issue being is what have you ordered? The only time the customers knew they where buying a Retail Box Key was once CJS CDkeys posted the IGN Article. To add fire to the flame they stated they had to go outside the EU to get key (Offering customers the keys at a much higher price) however there is nothing wrong with EU Retail Box Copies.

Below is what you see when buying your game…

“This product is a brand new and unused Dark Souls II CD Key for Steam”

This is what you have ordered when you buy Dark Souls 2 on CJS CDKeys, see the image below for more evidence.



So when Dark Souls gets released you expect to get your key right? wrong not with them, and this is what happened and what CJS is doing or offering there customers.



Now is this right? or wrong? yes offering a refund is OK, but offering there customers a Higher priced copy and making them pay the extra for it, is wrong. We reached out to Trading Standards regarding this.

We know now that CJS customer/s ordered a CD Key for steam, there is no mention within the sale, or pre-order sale about what version the customer/s are buying apart from a CDkey for steam. (This is very clear on the site (CDKey for steam)

In this case CJS CDkeys should fulfill all orders for the price the customer/s paid or offer a refund at the customers request, under no circumstance should the customer/s be offered a higher priced version and be made to pay the difference in value, or be forced to take a refund or store credit.

Trading Standards have been sent all screenshots we have taken and we hope this does not happen again, and all customers effected get either there money back or compensated in someway, and other sites take note, treat customers with respect, honesty and correct information.

Finally proof for everyone that regardless of what is stated on the site which is currently false information, here is a screenshot of CJS CDkeys opening stating that they do not sell digital CDkeys, but to find this information would take a sometime of scrolling on there Facebook WallUntitled


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