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Destiny Official Gameplay Experience Trailer

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Activision have a new Destiny trailer to share with you that highlights many of the activities in the game. Bungie’s co-founder, Jason Jones, details everything you need to know about Destiny. Destiny’s Public Beta begins on July 17th, and launches worldwide on September 9th, 2014.

As a reminder, later this week PlayStation 4 owners will have the chance to play Destiny’s First Look Alpha starting Thursday, June 12th , at 07:00pm GMT, and ending on Monday, June 16th, at 06:59am GMT.  To register for a chance to be among the first people to play Bungie’s epic, new, first-person action game, fans should register tonight at the website:www.greatnessawaits.com/Destiny.

Pre-order Destiny now to get access to the Beta: http://www.destinythegame.com/wheretobuy.

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