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Play Guns of Icarus Co-op Mode at PAX!

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Guns of Icarus Online will be demoing new Co-op mode at PAX Prime this year! It’s been over a year since we funded Adventure Mode on Kickstarter and finally, at PAX Prime.
What is Guns of Icarus Online? Guns of Icarus Online is the premier Airship Combat Game that is all about teamwork. With over 325,000 units sold and 97% positive reviews on the Steam Review system (one of the highest on Steam, in fact!), it has a dedicated and growing fan base and competitive scene (It just became one of 14 PC games on MLG). The premise is simple: You and three friends attempt to pilot a huge airship with fixed hardpoints for weapons, engines, hull, and balloon. While one person flies the ship the other three are gunning and repairing. Each player brings a variety of tools to help them with their intended task, from experimental ammunition to fire extinguishers. Ships form teams, and you battle against opponents for the supremacy of the skies. Currently the game has a variety of modes, from simple deathmatch to a several capture and hold map types.
What is Co-Op Mode? Co-op mode is a massive PvE expansion that is essentially a new game. Instead of battling player crew and ships, you’ll co-op with other players onboard multiple airships to fight against hoards of AI enemies, ranging from aeroplanes, carrier ships, entrenched defenses, or bosses in a variety of new game modes, such as Convoy, Defense, and Escort. Co-Op mode also introduces new progression and unlock systems, allowing players to join various factions to fight for control over the world as well as leveling different player classes and skills. For the first time, the world of Guns of Icarus will emerge. Many of these planned features will be available as improvements to the original game as well.
What happened to Adventure Mode? Ah some of you may remember that we’ve been talking about Adventure Mode for 2 years now. Our Kickstarter failed to meet the full Adventure Mode stretch goal, so we are delivering the goal we reached, Co-op mode, first. And we plan on using the funds gained from this launch, as well as money we’ve made from the game so far, to create the full Adventure Mode.
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