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Journalists or Game Developers – The Zoe Quinn Fiasco

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Update: We have reached out for a comment from from the owner of ‘The Fine Young Capitalists‘ and we have a recording to offer everyone to listen too,talking about Zoe interacting with their charity event. – Name Matthew Rappard


At the moment it repeatedly seems people are getting mad at a lone indie dev called Zoe Quinn, Never heard of her? I wouldn’t blame you, I hadn’t until a few days ago where a massive Reddit thread was mass deleted when talking about her. At first I just assumed it had broken some rules, until more thread started popping up, all talking about her and what she had done, so I started reading through some of them and god I wish I had not. Her game, Depression quest seems to be the key of all this, for those who want to think this is a straight out attack on her, like she seems to think any criticism is, please look at all links provided.

The first thing I decided to do was to actually play the game, I mean, if all this is about a game developer, better see what the game is actually about, and if you couldn’t tell its about depression and trying to show what it’s like to live with depression.

As a social experiment, depression quest works fantastic, I mean, if this was given to those who have loved ones with depression to attempt to try and pry into their minds, it would work great, and I could fully understand how it could be used as such. As a game, however, it has no merit apart from its ability to possibly help some people, I mean I could print this game out on paper, and it would loose nothing in the terms of playability or getting a message across, which makes me question if this can be counted as a ‘VIDEO’game.

So then I started reading online, seeing that she has alleged relations with a writer on big name websites, who write pieces on her, and her game on both websites. Which all look and aim at her saying she has been targeted and attacked by a website, WizzardChan, now okay you might see Chan and automatically think of 4chan, but no this isn’t the site that screams every insult imaginable. Though apparently they attacked her, calling for harmful calls and messages to be posted and sent to her, well, anyway, apparently, there is a lot of confusion on what exactly happened, so here is a bunch stuff from her twitter ext – http://imgur.com/a/4VOcx.

Also note the twitter post of her wishing steam could remove all negative comments, I’m sorry, but you’re an adult who has created a product, expect criticism and people to not like it.

Omitting everything that has been said over the last few days that has come out about developer Zoe Quinn, and in an attempt to stay professional over other large and in some cases, some of the most well known gaming news websites, this is all blown up for good reason. Having sex for scores, attacking a for charity organisation because Zoe wouldn’t get paid and that was ‘oppressing ’her (That is what charity is about dear), but going so far to post the guy’s details? –



I don’t care if you want to write about how gone home makes you feel like you want to be a lesbian and that makes it a fantastic game, but god damn, don’t start attacking a random charity event, because she wouldn’t get paid, after writing torrents about how it’s bad to attack her without any evidence to back up those claims, what is professional journalism?

Of course, if you go to the steam forums, you will quickly see reviews and posts being deleted, of course these are negative ones, which is not surprising –


Censoring information is a quick way to get a bad reputation, but of course this has now become a literal shit storm, and of course, once you realise you have been outed you quickly want everyone to forget about you.


I mean this has been a significant problem of late, looking at the click bait article on “Gaming sites”it seems everyone is obsessed with equity at the moment, which always makes me laugh, what equality actually means on these sites is siding with Women, because they are “Oppressed”in gaming, not a surprise when you see who is representing them in the lime light. Sexism and LGBT is a big thing right now, but with fluff pieces being written such as “Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is”makes me question when did we stop looking at games, and start looking at who made them as more important.

What makes me mad about this, is that these are people who are paid, who have in the past got angry about people using adblock on their sites, to write dribble such as this. I mean hell even if not one of these people actually slept with Zoe Quinn I still have to question why they believed her without any evidence on any of these apparent attacks, and went full witch hunt on them.

I think its time people understood that being a woman, gay, bi, transgender has absolutely nothing to do with their ability to make a good game, and we should start looking at video games objectively again, oh wait I forgot, that wouldn’t be a click bait article then would it.

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