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Interview: Carl Silbersky CEO of Mionix

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 Firstly, what was the motivation behind starting up Mionix?

Back in 2007 Peter, the Founder of Mionix and today Head of Products searched around for a mouse that would fulfill all the requirements he had for a real gaming mouse. He couldn’t find any which 100% satisfied his needs. Most of the mice were lacking the ergonomics or performance. So he decided to built his own and the whole idea behind Mionix was to create the world’s best performing and most ergonomic gaming mouse. He and the team proved that a small dedicated Swedish clan could do this. And this is how it all started. Today, our complete gaming range is crafted with the same level of innovation and attention to detail as our mice

There are lots of manufacturers around the world who all claim to make quality gaming peripherals, so what is it that separates Mionix from their competitors?

There are a lot of good gaming products out there and some are less good. However, does it really matter to a gamer if his mouse has 9.000 or 10.000 DPI, 25 or 30 customizable buttons? It doesn’t. The market is so transparent thanks to review sites, forums, blogs etc. The end user will find out in 2min wheter a product is good or it sucks. So we believe the days of “putting a lipstick on a pig” are over. It’s the Craftsmanship of the product that really makes the difference. The result of the relentless quest for perfection and an outstanding attention to detail, is what matters. And we at Mionix are all about the Craftsmanship.

Sum up what Mionix means to you in three words.

I can do it in two: Gaming Craftsmanship

A vast number of Mionix gadgets have received awards and prizes from around the world, but which Mionix product would you say you’re most proud of and why?

That’s a very difficult question. If you spend so much time and effort on research, analysis and the whole product development process as we do, you naturally built a relationship to every single product. Every Mionix product has a soul. However, I think we did an outstanding job with our first Gaming Headset, the Nash 20. It took us more than 3 years to make it as awesome as we wanted it to be. And the feedback we are getting still after its release earlier this year is just overwhelming and proved us to do the right thing with taking enough time until a product is released. So the Nash 20 will always have a special place in the Mionix history same applies to our first gaming mouse the Mionix SAIPH 3200 or the NAOS 8200 which is widely considers as the best gaming mouse on the planet.

You recently announced that you can now ship products to more than 200 countries around the world, a great achievement by no means, but where does this rank in terms of other milestones the company has achieved throughout its lifespan?

It is just another step in the the development of Mionix. Gamers all over the world are demanding our products and it is simply our job to provide them easy access to them. We are just at the beginning right now, so it is simply another small milestone in our journey along with our fans, supporters and whoever belives in the true core of gaming.

Back in April you also announced a new sponsorship of SK Gaming, how has that partnership helped Mionix grow and what exciting things can followers of the eSport team expect now you’ve teamed up?

This partnership is a win/win situation. Mionix is benefitting greatly from the massive experience of SK Gaming. The input based on years long experience in professional gaming is of great value for our product development process. At the same time SK has direct influence on creation of a product according to a pro-gamer’s needs and has access to the greatest gaming craftsmanship products on planet earth 😉

Are there any exciting new products in the pipe line that we can expect from Mionix in the near future?

At gamescom we have recently shown a sample of the right hand ergonomic gaming mouse Mionix CASTOR. It has the same great feel to it as the NAOS but catering palm and claw grip gamers alike. So this is a great piece of Craftsmanship which we will see in the market later this year. However, we are not commenting on future products further than that, but let me tell you this much: Mionix will continue to break down all barriers between gamers and the optimal gaming experience. Our approach to Craftsmanship means that we are always challenging the limits of hard- as well as software. If we can invent ways to remove gaming hardware, we will do it. The gaming experience is everything and Mionix will always be on the gamers’ side.

Everyone has a favourite childhood game they grew up playing and more often than not it seems to mould the way people look at gaming and often influences them in wanting a career based in the gaming industry. What game would you say inspired you when growing up?

There have been many games affected why we started to make gaming mice. FPS-games such as Counter-Strike, Quake has been the major reason and inspiration why we started to make high performance gaming mice but also games such as Sim City, Theme Hospital and Transport Tycoon has been inspiration to create something in the real world.

 If you could create an ultimate gaming gadget what would it be?

A gadget so well balanced, comfortable and accurate that you become one with the game without even noticing that you are using it. Basically, an extension of your self.

The majority of our writers are students with a couple of graduates thrown in for good measure. So what career advice would you give to these guys who are looking to get involved in the gaming industry?

We need more great minds that can continue to break down all barriers between gamers and the optimal gaming experience. Mionix approach to craftsmanship means always challenging the limits of hardware as well as software. I like to see more get people get involved and challenge things, the gaming experience is ultimately everything. If you want to change things, ping us!


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