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Rezzed 2015 – First Look at Ratz Instagib

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One of my first interviews at Rezzed was with the guy behind Ratz Instagib, a new old style shooter with the moto 1-shot 1-kill. The game was smooth and the battles were intense with up to 8 players fighting amongst themselves to get the most kills in a round, with a few tournament fights happening throughout the day.


Playing on the computer you use the WASD keys to move your rat around, left click for your beam attack and right click for what seemed like a rocket jump beam that would propel you in different directions dependant on where you aimed, in the air if you aim down and backwards if you shoot it at a wall. Everyone seemed to be one the same playing field in terms of weapons, with single shot lasers and a low rate of fire to hit your enemies with.

Talking with the Developer he has said that Ratz will feature only the 1 weapon to tie in with the 1-shor 1-kill moto and will feature levels from the normal like big rooms in a house to rather abstract levels. Although you only get the 1 weapon you can change the way it fires with unlockable Beam and frag types, from the normal blaster that explodes enemies on impact, to the retro type gun that turns enemies into boxes that bounce away.


Going for a comedic style shooter, Ratz definitely sets itself apart from the other gritty and dark shooters coming out lately, with only a comparison being made to Loadout. Inspired by Unreal Tournament 2 and 4 the game features a lot of Verticality based maps, with the players controlling miniature Ratz in a big world, similar to Micro Machines, this allows for a lot of exploration in a big space, from climbing on top of dressers and tables to hiding under the furniture for sneak attacks.

Using the Right click to your advantage you can speed up with repeated use, up to around 4 times base speed, allowing for fast traversal of the maps as well as getting to high up places in no time at all. With the platforming elements the game can suffer from sniper spots at times, and with such a thin line of attack it can be hard to take down the snipers on high up places.


The game currently has 6 Game modes, including Capture the Flag, Survival and Deathmatch types, as well as several maps available with more to come as the game progresses. I felt the levels needed a bit more to them mechanically though, as moving around feels a bit boring with the similar surroundings and players will head to the same spots over and over. If the levels have a bit of interaction it would have made for some better tactical play.

All of that aside, the time I had with the game was well spent, the game was fun and reacted well, with the characters only feeling a bit floating in the way they moved around. The battles felt balanced and players moved around a lot to make for interesting fights in the big maps. The beams flying overhead and people reacting differently to the different beam and frag types made for a flashy and comedic time with Ratz Instagib.

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