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Ysbryd Games to bring a trio of narrative-driven titles to EGX

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It starts with an elevator and an urban legend. Following the strange, accidental death of a young woman, college graduate and general layabout Alex Eggleston finds himself trawling through a ’90s message board in pursuit of a vehicular oddity known as the “The Death Cab.” From there, things only grow more surreal.


Inspired by the acclaimed Earthbound and novelist Haruki Murakami, Y2K is possibly the only third-person, turn-based JRPG to offer weaponized panda plushies.

You can also expect action, puzzles, and platforming, along with story-based dungeons and punishing bosses that demand careful strategy instead of brute force. Be prepared for meandering exposition, but also laughter and unexpected scenarios!

Y2K will start you in the familiar, before transporting you to a world rife with parallel dimensions, existential dilemmas, and the fashion triumphs of normcore culture.


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