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Shadow Puppeteer @ EGX 2015 & First Thoughts of PC Version

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We got to see many games over at EGX this year and one of the Indies games that really stood out for me and my partner was Shadow Puppeteer from developer studio Sarepta Studio from Hamar, Norway.

Brief description of the Game;

Shadow Puppeteer is the story of a boy and his shadow, who once separated have to learn to work together by manipulating light and darkness. The game is a co-op puzzle adventure where one player is the boy and the other his shadow. Shadow Puppeteer offers platforming and puzzle-solving with play with light and shadow. Shadow Puppeteer is being developed for consoles and PC.

At EGX we spoke to Catharina Due Bøhler who is the ‘Daglig leder’ (CEO), who treated us to some gameplay footage with her describing how to play the game, and with us constantly breaking the game on the Wii U, while playing.

Shadow Puppeteer is already out on PC with all the updates that will be seen on the Nintendo Wii U, so if you wish to have a bash, now, you can find it on steam. At EGX we wanted to know why, how, and when, the ins and outs about the game.

So down to the questions,

Why the Wii U and not Xbox One or PS4?

The Wii U is a family friendly system and Nintendo have been very open and helpful when it comes to us working with their system, the game also fits in really well with the current set of games being seen in the system

Single Player of Co-Op?

The game is, or should we say built around working together, so you can expect the first game to work and play more fun and better when playing with a friend, however you can play in single player mode, but it is no where near as good, and you will not get the fulfilment, you would when playing with a friend.

Will the game have online Co-Op

Currently, both the PC and WiiU versions of Shadow Puppeteer do not have online co-op.

We hope to see and online option to allow more chances of playing co-op, not all gamers have friends that hang around their homes today, people are more reliant on social media and text messages.

Will the game have off screen features?

TBC is what we got, what we hope to see if 100% off screen gameplay, so we can allow others to watch TV while we still game, or if playing single will allow us touch screen features to swap between characters faster.

How long is the game?

The game is approx 2hrs, but there are also plenty of things to collect throughout the game, like unlocking the game music to listen to.

Will the game have an achievements system?

No plans have been put in place for an achievement system

All the music in the game was produced my a classical Norweigan composer

After playing the game at EGX for what time we could, without the Wii U breaking on us and the Nintendo’s Tech Support team not getting much joy with Fixing it, we were very impressed with the mix of 2D and 3D design ideas and how they managed to bring to two concepts into one game. It made playing the game a totally new experience dependent on if you played the Shadow or the Boy. Primarily you get to play the Shadow in a 2D universe and the Boy as you can probably guess, in the 3D universe.

The game reminded us of Limbo and Don’t Stave, with regards the artwork, when talking to the devs they agreed to an extent, but they are also huge Nintendo fans from their childhood, and you can really see this is the overall game design.

We managed to get the PC version, they were right, it’s not as good to play the single player, but playing co-op on the PC is not as easy as you expect. The game is just as good as the Wii U demo we got to play. 2 hrs is a perfect amount of time to enjoy this game story, if you were to play co-op you would or should I say must play both version shadow and boy, to really enjoy what the game has to offer.


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