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aLLreLi Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Mobile speakers, plenty out there, even when I was younger say the late 90s, I would take my Sony Mini Disc to school with a speaker as well, and chill put with friends during breaks or sub lessons. Now I am older I tend to do a lot of cycling, a little walking and some camping, I normally take my mobile phone with music on it, but not a speaker, did not have one that was suitable.

Until now allreli sent me the Rockman-L Wireless Speaker with plenty of benefits to suit what I love doing. So what are the selling points, well the information below can be found on amazon;


  • UNBELIEVABLE SOUND QUALITY This 2nd generation design has crystal clear, sound enriched with X-bass to take listening to music outdoors or in the shower to a whole new level
  • USE IT ANYWHERE WITHOUT WORRY The IP5X waterproof rating makes this the perfect speaker to use by the pool, in the shower or outdoors in the rain; Includes a lanyard for hanging the speaker wherever you wish
  • UNBEATABLE BATTERY LIFE Powerful 2000mAh lithium-ion battery can keep the music coming for 6 to 8 hours and recharges in just 4 to 5 hours with the included USB charging cable
  • PAIRS WITH ANY DEVICE Uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to stream music from iOS, Android and other devices from up to 10 meters away; Also has a 3.5mm audio connector for wired use
  • ANSWER CALLS WITH EASE Hands free functionality makes sure you never miss a phone call, but keeps you from having to reach for your smartphone


If you were to purchase the speaker directly from the shop the main selling point would be on the box and the box design, so coming from a shop point of view, what can we see and read?

Bicycle Speaker, Waterproof, 8hrs play time, Wireless and Shockproof these are the selling points on the box. Even with that, if you saw the box on display, it would draw you in, it’s been well designed, emphasizes the rugged look and design of the actual speaker.

I had one issue trying to support the claim of IP5X waterproof rating as everywhere stats IP5X is a rating given to ‘dust ingress testing’

‘Dust Ingress Testing exposes your product to airborne circulating dust over time. These tests are performed to determine the product’s ability to withstand exposure to dust in their end-use environment. Depending on the dust code either of the following tests may be conducted.’


So selling points over and done with, trying to prove facts almost done, down to the nitty gritty, using the speaker, and the design of the speaker.

Well opening up the package and removing the speaker you will instantly notice that the speaker has been well designed and feel tough and rugged, exactly what they were pushing for on the packaging. The speaker does not feel cheap and tacky, it actually feels rather nice under the hand, the buttons require a little more pressure to de-press, but this is due to the design of the product, it’s not a simplistic in house device, the speaker has been designed for outside use, even being able to take a fall.

With the speaker comes with a USB Charging cable, 3.5mm audio jack and a user manual, setting up the speaker to work with your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any Bluetooth audio device is simple, just follow the basic instructions within the user manual.


Sound quality is a must with any of us, regardless of the cost, we don’t want a speaker with no bass or lack of, we don’t want a speaker to lack treble, with many portable speakers, what you get is a speaker that is auto set and requires your device to setup equalisation, this is the same with this speaker.

So does the speaker pull off and put everything together into one sweet audio experience? HELL NO, sorry to say, the sound coming from the speaker, sounds like it’s been shoved into a Tin and pushed put through layers and layers of blockages its bad. Now it’s not all bad, listening to the speaker with the volume down low-ish, it’s not too bad, increasing the volume though will downgrade your audio experience.

The 10 watt speaker does not in any way impress with its sound quality, the laptop speakers do a better job and they shit compared to the sound quality coming from my Bluetooth Creative T15 Speakers.


So does the speaker shine anywhere else, as the sound quality is less than impressive? Well the speaker is waterproof, I took the speaker for a run on my bike, while it hammered down with rain, and it worked perfectly from the start to finish, even took a few shocks along the way as it’s dropped off the bike and knocked back and forth over the road.

The connection between speaker and device us rather impressive as well, on the site it stats up to 33feet, which I have to admit is about right, as the speaker worked all around the home while I left my phone upstairs.

Overall, how do I rate the speaker, cannot lie here, I was expecting a lot more from the sound quality, and this was a massive let down, the waterproof, shockproof aspects where a great addition and did the job perfectly. The IP5X rating is still as issue I am trying to find proof, but I am unable to find this waterproof rating anywhere.


The speaker does last a long time, thanks to its lithium battery, and the charging time is not too bad, just leave it on charge overnight and away you go, or just wait around 5hrs for a fully charged speaker if awake.

As this is a speaker, and the speaker is sound, and sound is something we all enjoy, grading the speaker anymore that 3 stars is would be wrong. If you are looking for a speaker for outside use, hard wearing, waterproof and can take a shock or few and are not fussed about sound quality, then this is perfect for you, however if you want everything rolled into one sweet package, then this is not for you.

Grab the speaker from here


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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