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Super Heroes Then and Now

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We don’t usually think of what we wear each day as a costume, but that’s precisely what they are. Those suits we wear every day to the office, or the color-coordinated and logo emblazoned shirts we wear to the shop are really costumes–a particular style of dress for an occasion.

Nothing’s more natural to a superhero than to be suited up and in action. It’s when the hero is off hours, trying to blend into the crowd that the real costume is put on. Superman is a prime example of this. Unlike most other superheroes, Superman was not transformed into what he is. He was born that way, and Clark Kent is his alter ego–his costume to blend in with the crowd.

As the decades have passed superheroes still need to stay disguised, but we thought it would be interesting to look at how their off-the-clock outfits have changed from the 70s and 80s. Tony Stark has updated his suits to look more modern and thankfully has gotten rid of his permed mullet. We did find some more stubborn superheroes like Wolverine and Captain America who look slightly dated, but maybe it’s a lower priority when aging is less of a concern.

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