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Unlock the gaming potential of Windows 10 with better hardware

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How memory and storage amplify the new OS

The cut off to get Windows 10 for free is the 29th July 2016 and rapidly approaching. May hardware data from Steam indicates that not only should gamers upgrade to Windows 10 for free while it lasts, but also upgrade their DRAM, as the current average is just a paltry 8GB and total hard drive space is just 250-499GB, meaning gamers could affordably upgrade their memory and adopt an SSD and see serious in-game improvements.

Microsoft Windows 10 breaks new ground for gamers and allows you to play across platforms, stream games, and record your domination in real time, but these enhancements require more out of your system to run as they’re intended. Powerful hardware can take Windows 10 gaming to a new level by producing a fast and seamless experience so you can crush the competition when gaming on Windows 10.

Here are the Windows 10 features, along with what it takes to win:

Windows 10 feature How to get the most out of it
Free (for now) download if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Since downloading the new OS is a requirement, download it straight onto an SSD, which makes everything on the new OS even faster. But make sure you get in there before the 29th July 2016.
Xbox One and PC gamers can compete in the same game at the same time – on different platforms Unlike console gamers, PC gamers have more than just an internet connection to prepare for battle. Lag times can crush your gaming experience
Buy and play an Xbox game on your PC You need quality hardware to get the most out of a game. Loading a game from an SSD drops you into the game faster and memory helps make gameplay more seamless.
Record and stream gameplay in real time Game DVR and streaming use a lot of active data. Ballistix performance memory is engineered to manage large amounts of active data, and a an SSD also allows you to quickly read and edit the video you just recorded.
Run Xbox Live features from your PC (voice, text, chat) Running Xbox Live features requires additional multitasking resources. To ensure your system has the ability to handle everything it’ll be doing at once, improve your memory performance and density.
Compatible with DirectX 12 graphics cards The graphics card relies on memory, so faster memory enables better integrated graphics performance. You need sufficient memory that’s fast enough to produce sharp visuals.

Cross-platform play, game DVR, and DirectX 12 are exciting reasons to update your OS to Windows 10, but gamers need to be able to run these features at blistering speeds. Upgrade your hardware with Ballistix memory and Crucial SSDs to own the opposition on Windows 10.

This was provided to us by Jonathan Weech, Product Marketing Manager, Solid State Storage, Crucial.



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