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Organizing Digital Assets for Collaborative Projects

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Written By Guest Writer Olga Grigorenko

Team collaboration is key for all media companies – improving workflow and increasing both employee and client satisfaction. To really bolster and enhance collaborative projects, it is necessary to find an easy and effective way to organize your digital assets. Many companies choose to use a collaboration app such as Wiredrive to do this. These tools provide a built-in system for staying organized and efficient while managing many different moving parts.

Without an easy-to-use and effective system for organizing digital assets, collaborative projects get bogged down and essential components can easily fall through the cracks. Wiredrive provides you with all the tools you need on one platform that is simple to use and universally accessible. Using software that supports all file formats is crucial as well, ensuring that all of your assets are being managed in one single software.

Effective organization of digital assets also means creating a system specifically catered to your needs and the type of projects your company handles. Wiredrive gives you all the tools you need to do that, allowing you to organize and label media your way. You can create custom metadata categories and keywords, and build tags to match your specific projects and naming methods. This customization means Wiredrive can be adapted to any kind of collaborative project and will be capable of handling all your needs.

With a strong organizational system in place, it is imperative that your team be able to archive all assets and access them quickly and easily. Wiredrive puts everything you have ever done into a library with tags of your choosing so that your employees and clients can access and distribute content as needed. Your assets are extremely valuable – many companies lose time and money because their assets have not been properly catalogued or because their archival systems are clunky and difficult to navigate. Utilize a system like Wiredrive to ensure that none of your assets get lost in the mix and that your employees can access everything quickly and easily.

Keeping your assets organized also means keeping track of all the collaborative work being done. On Wiredrive, all feedback and activity are both timestamped and archived, allowing you to access logs of all activity on current and past projects. Activity is charted for all content and accounts which makes it possible for you to see what is being sent to whom and how they are responding.

Organizing digital assets is something that all your team members need to be able to do in a unified way on one single platform. This is what allows for optimal team collaboration and consequently better workflow and happier clients. Let a tool like Wiredrive make the job easier for you and give your employees the tools they need in order to do their very best.

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