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Flying Slime out now on iOS!

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Ready for a swinging platformer with an environmental message? Then FLYING SLIME is for you 🙂

Help the adorable “Slime” creatures defend their home from greedy humans and save the forest from the horrifying Harvester in this stunning new premium title now available on iOS for $2.99.

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Once upon a time, the Slime lived happily in the forest … until one day, humans decided to break the peace by deploying the feared Harvester machine — a monstrous contraption equipped with rotating blades capable of destroying anything in its path. The Slime were forced to flee their homes to survive, but one brave little one named “Slimie” refused to leave — and instead embarked on a quest to save the forest!

Swing through the forest trees with polished touch controls. Tap to attach a vine-like rope to your surroundings across more than 60 gorgeous stages — and use the environment to survive. Flying Slime may be beautiful, but danger lurks around every corner. You’ll need to dodge hazardous obstacles (easier said than done when swinging at high-speed!) and beat each level within the allotted time to unlock more levels and rewards 🙂

Flying Slime features four different game modes — Campaign, Survival, Multiplayer … and Challenge (coming soon):

  • Survival: Use special skills to elude the evil harvester machine and collect Spirit Stones to unlock Slimie’s friend.
  • Story: Find the Spirit Heart to rebuild the Slime homeland.
  • Multiplayer: Go head-to-head against your friends and find out who can go further in Survival mode. In the mood to show off? Record your playthroughs and share your best runs on social media for all to see.

Ian Wang (CEO, Firefish Entertainment):

“With Flying Slime, we wanted to put the spotlight on increased deforestation across the planet and its impact on the environment. We firmly believe that players can work together to effect change. Developers can as well: Flying Slime gives players a near-AAA platforming experience on mobile while raising awareness of this incredibly timely topic.”


  • Enjoy a charming storyline in a beautiful, cartoon-like style.
  • Experience finely-tuned touch controls.
  • Revel in easy-to-play, hard-to-master gameplay.
  • Make it to the top of the in-game ranking system.
  • Record gameplay, learn to improve, and share videos with friends.
  • Switch between multiple modes: campaign, survival, multiplayer, and challenge.
  • Invite friends and find who’s the fastest, smartest Slime of all!

Flying Slime is now available on the App Store for $2.99.

App Store URL:

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