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Another year, the only event we can attend. EGX aka Eurogamer is back at the NEC Birmingham, this time, around though I am here with a broken foot, well recovery of a broken foot, still pain, but can walk on it, so it’s better than having to use a wheelchair around the event.

Arrived Wednesday night, staying with family, so even better, no need to pay out for hotels and stuff, but this year, I am going to see some old friends that I met in the past and some new friends that I have spoken to over email but never met before.

Not only that, Invision is also working with Pontypridd High School on the Friday 23rd with 13 Students, upcoming journalists and IT specialists, all gamers in general, our future you could say. Invision is and will always be here to help students gain a foothold in the industry, to learn and experience what the gaming industry has to offer, and by bringing these students to an event like this, gives them a chance to see what is available, to check out cosplay, speak to developers, chat with public relations and just enjoy the experience as a whole.

Lucky for us, we have some great friends like the lovely Danielle, who I have much respect for and I was so happy to meet and speak to at the event, thanks to her I also met Sean Brennan, the Managing Director of Bethesda, Europe, OMG what an honour that was, and what a nice bloke to talk to, gave nothing away, even though we tried to quiz him about a new Elder Scrolls, we reckon it’s going to happen.

We popped over to the Developer session to Listen to The Little Nightmare developer discuss his game, I had just one question, replayability, as it’s a single-player game, you can play the game over and over, that is if you like the story, or want to complete everything, other than that it’s a single playthrough game with no multi-player functionality.

I also met Sarah from SEGA, someone I have been dealing with for some time now over email, and yet again she was totally wonderful to talk to and when quizzed about DOW 3, we got told that everything the fans loved about DOW and DOW2 has been combined and implemented into DOW 3, so all the fans should be very happy when the game see’s its release.

Popping over to Team17, trying to nab a sheep for Danielle, from our contact Bethany, no joy, though, but we did get to meet her and Stefano for the first time, both up to their eyes with press and customers trying to get to play their biggest title Yooka Laylee.

As always I met up with a friend over at Square Enix AKA Ian, stressed I walked over to him with 7 of my students on Friday, walked past all the Queues and straight in to the jaws of shocked Square staff, totally forgot what I was told in the morning, no developers available etc, foot in pain, bouncing off the wall kids, there was poor Ian, and there was me feeling guilty as hell. Lucky for me, Ian knew the score and was very accommodating as always, after me saying sorry over and over again for the inconvenience.

Off goes the students to play Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts II.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue, then getting the two older students aka the teachers into play Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4, so massive thanks to Square Enix and Ian for hooking us up with them, you be able to see the student’s reports on them soon.

I asked about the PS4 Pro Verison of Rise of the Tomb Raider, and its so-called 4K Resolution, it’s actually using a form of Dynamic Super Resolution a form of increasing the resolution without affecting the overall performance, so it’s not true 4K. I asked the same question to other developers and most of the AAA titles where ALL DSR, not true 4K.

Back to the Lovely Danielle, who was PR’ing for Greenman Gaming, the students covered the game Bunker, which is live action, NO CGI, No motion capture, all shot in a genuine decommissioned nuclear bunker. You can grab the game for yourself now on Greenman Gaming here https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/the-bunker/, otherwise, a student report will be coming soon.

Also covered for Greenman Gaming was Lifeless, a Massively Multiplayer Survival game, where you cooperate between players to survive a hostile environment. Experience an open world filled with environmental storytelling, and brutal, bloody combat. You can purchase the game on Greenman Gaming here https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/lifeless/ or wait for our report coming soon.

Final game we covered from Greenman Gaming was The Black Death which is a gritty medieval world that has been ravaged by the plague, leaving a trail of destruction in its path, those who endure struggle against sickness, scarce resources and other desperate survivors, again you can wait for our report or buy the game now here https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/the-black-death/.

Massive thanks to Danielle and Amy for their hospitality and respect at EGX.

Bethesda Boss OMG Sean, what a guy, I feel like I got somewhere in life, spoke to me like a  normal human being, not like shit under someone’s shoe, such a nice guy, I was seriously not worthy to know such a guy like this, yes it may seem like a I am arse kissing, but in all honesty, what would a boss of a multi-million firm give a rats arse about a medium size firm, but he did, he hooked up all the students with limited edition Dishonoured 2 t-shirts, so big thanks and much respect goes out to Sean .

P.S Mark, I sang your praise buddy, so if you get a pay rise, you know it was because of my awesome butt kissing to the boss.

We tried to cover Sony, But were pushed away, and ignored, which is a shame as we really wanted to take a look at a few of their games and get the students a chance to check out their upcoming games on PS4, even getting on the VR headset was impossible, joining any of Queues would be crazy, with very long waiting times, would make it impossible to cover anything else, so sorry folks no Sony info coming in.

Over with Team 17, we only had time to look at Worms WMD, even though we have already reviewed it, our student being a huge fan wanted to take a look at it, and he even got a chance to play the game with one of the development team, made his day, so massive thanks to Bethany and the Team behind Worms WMD for your time and patience.

My group headed over to Troll & I a third-person action adventure game with melee and long-ranged combat, cunning stealth, and dual character control. You play both as an adolescent boy named Otto and as his unlikely companion, Troll. Both characters possess their own unique abilities – such as Troll’s mighty strength and Otto’s sharpened combat skills. One of the students I had with me, talked to the developers of the game, took notes had a bash at the game and a report for the game will be on site shortly, so thanks to the wonderful developers for their time.

Finally, my group sat down with Square Enix Collective, we did not have the time to look at all the games, so we checked out OH MY Godheads and Tokyo Dark

Tokyo Dark is a side scrolling point-and-click mystery adventure game for Windows and Mac. As Detective Itō you’ll explore Tokyo – following leads, collecting clues, and making difficult decisions with far-reaching consequences. Tokyo Dark features a huge number of dialogue choices and interactions that affect character attributes and change the outcome of the story. Unlike a visual novel, you’ll control Detective Itō directly as you explore Tokyo, trying to balance your professional duty, personal life, and sanity. Will the past come back to haunt you, or will you stand by your decisions?

Oh, My Godheads is the world’s first capture-the-head action game for 1-4 players. Capture-the-head is like capture-the-flag, but the flag is an ancient head that’s alive, angry, and after you! Fight with friends to capture these furious, living heads and bring them back to your team’s plinth… if you can. Borne from a love of old school multiplayer games like Micro Machines, Worms, and Street Fighter, Titutitech wanted to recreate the fun, fast-paced multiplayer experience of those games while adding full 3D environments for more tactics, more depth, and more replayability. Oh, did we mention it’s got exploding pies?

Thanks for the hook from Craig, what a name from the Square Enix Collective team.

All the work from the students at Pontypridd High School, will be up on site soon, and all the students that attended will be getting a reference from us to add to their C.V, free goodies and massive thanks from all the developers and publishers for their work and time, this is the first collaboration Invision has done with a School, and this will not be the last.

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