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Eurogamer 2016 Game News Pontypridd High School Student 2016

EGX 2016 Student Report – Curvish– By Joe Seldon

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With hundreds of games at the EGX Event in Birmingham over the weekend, it presented the talent and creativity the gaming industry never fails to disappoint with. Bringing a large community together to celebrate and enjoy some of the most unique and anticipated games of 2016, each game having its own world, objective and purpose; there was no doubt the gaming world is still continuing to break boundaries.

Despite the extremely anticipated ‘CALL OF DUTY: INFINITE WARFARE’ and ‘DESTINY: RISE OF IRON’, what sparked the most interest was the games at the REZZED ZONE; the area where the upcoming indie games were presented, it showcased and proved how underrated a lot of games actually are. The popularity of the REZZED ZONE was apparent and there was no surprise why; the detail, creativity and uniqueness each game had made you escape into the worlds of alter-reality.


A game that really stood out to me was ‘Curvish’ developed by Calum Sinclair, Alexander Horowitz, and Ahmad Nursalim. Curvish is a game which drastically takes puzzle games to the next level, making them entertaining and creating a fresh approach that hasn’t been done before. A simple objective in a memorising game with crisp graphics, based in a visually pleasing galactic world.

“Curvish is a skill-based puzzle-platformer game in which the player pilots a small droid to collect items in specific combinations. Using their abilities to freely rotate the world and triple-jump, players must dodge and avoid dangers to fulfil the objectives of within each stage”


With Curvish being a physics-based puzzle game, each stage has a set of objectives that would need to be completed to gain maximum score, as you progress through the game that objectives increase in difficulty. The game continues to motivate you to complete all 21 levels, thanks to the game stages being fun and addictive.

What makes this game deserving of its achievements, is the detail that has been created within each level.

When speaking with the two developers of the game; Ahmad Nursalim and Alexander Horowitz, they had a clear structure with how they wanted the game to look and feel and this has been achieved within the game. The high definition and satisfying design of the game makes Curvish stand out amongst its competitors, which immediately made me want to experience the game and escape into the world they created which is so pleasing to the eye.


Curvish was my favourite game that I played at EGX, thanks to its push at bringing back the puzzle game genre experience. The challenges didn’t get boring or repetitive as each level progressively got harder and more challenging.  With good quality graphics, fantastic animation that game, although tricky, was enjoyable top play.

The animation was smooth and an enjoyable, to watch as well as play, which is very important for a puzzle game. You will find that the majority of puzzle games don’t seem to focus on the animation, Curvish defiantly did and the execution was visually exceptional for its genre.

With the game-winning ‘Best Gameplay’ at Scottish Global Game Jam, and ‘Best Game’ at IGDA Edinburgh Play Party, it’s no denying this game is receiving the recognition it truly deserves.


Overall, Curvish is a perfect example of taking an old dog and teaching it some new tricks.

A game that focuses its aspects; design, graphics, controls and visual appeal, uncommon for puzzle games, Curvish brings new life and adds an interest that wasn’t there before.

Every stage is mysterious yet futuristic, a world that challenges you to complete and move forward, a satisfying and pleasing experience.

Curvish deserves every credit, it ticks all the boxes (and goes outside them), and is the reason it was my favourite game I experienced at EGX. The creative twist, exceptional graphics, controls, and the overall aesthetic makes it a game worth playing,  a game that deserves all the success it continues to achieve.

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