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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier First Look

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Whether you are a fan of The Walking Dead or you just love the Telltale Games’ style of gameplay, the partnership between these two parties has been nothing short of inspired. Combining the tough, gritty stories and painful choices of the zombie-controlled world with the fast, responsive storytelling episodes Telltale is known for has led to one of the best video game series of the past decade, and created some truly memorable gaming moments.

Like previous seasons, this third installment of The Walking Dead will be released in monthly episodes. There are five episodes scheduled in total. The first part is due for release on December 20th, so this will surely be a last-minute addition to many Christmas lists! The game is called ‘A New Frontier’, and it focuses on previous lead character Clementine and her new band of companions. It will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, including the half-gen console releases for 2016. It can also be downloaded for iOS/Android mobile devices, and purchased for last-generation consoles.

What to expect from The Walking Dead 3

The end of The Walking Dead Season One is often mentioned by video game fans as the hardest, most emotional thing they have ever faced in any game: and with good reason. Just like the comic books and the TV series, Telltale’s game has captured the essence of the post-zombie world and filled it with plenty of action, drama and heartbreak. Season Two added plenty more twists and high-pressure choices, and it looks like we can expect much more of the same in the third series.

At the start of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, more than a year has passed since Season 2 closed. Clementine is all grown up now, with the trailer suggesting she is around 18 years old. If you follow the comic books, this season is closely matched chronologically with the current timeline for the newest issues. She is joined by a new character, Javier, and the two are faced with a zombie threat. We also learn from the trailer that Clementine has suffered some kind of accident and is minus part of her finger, though how is a mystery. She has little AJ with her, and is miraculously still in possession of her trademark baseball cap.

New choice-responsive storyline technology

Through Seasons One and Two, Clementine and her companions have faced some difficult choices – and outcome of these decisions depends on how the player reacted. Using Cloud save data to recover what you opted for in the first games, the path of A New Frontier will be different for each player right from the outset. New players will still be able to get on board with the story as well, Telltale has reassured us. The game has a default storyline based on common choices by other gamers, which will be played when save data from Seasons 1 and 2 is not present. It will also recap stories and introduce more background information for recurring characters, ensuring that everyone can play and follow the story.

Slick new graphics and gameplay

The style of any Telltale game is inimitable and classic. TWD: ANF retains the same gritty, sketchy comic book graphics we know and love, but there is something fresh and sharp about it as well. The lines are a little bolder, the colours are a little deeper and the walkers are somehow far more terrifying and realistic. From the way the new game is presented so far, it seems likely that you will play as two characters, and perhaps even more, rather than focusing on just Clementine – extending the range of choices you will have to make and the kind of situations you will face. Some familiar characters may well return as the story unfolds, and you can certainly expect those questions you have from previous seasons to be answered – such as whether Clementine will face retribution for her major choices in Season Two.

If you are waiting patiently for this exciting new game to hit the shelves, the good news is that you won’t have to wait very much longer. The game’s full release date is set for the week before Christmas. You can start preordering and avail different discount deals from Amazon at VoucherBin. Also, a new full length trailer is rumoured to be coming late on December 1st, to get us all excited. Perhaps then we will get a little more information on how the game will play out – such as where it is set, and who you will meet. Until then, enjoy the current teaser trailer and watch this space for news and post-release reviews.

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