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Astervoid 2000 Preview

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Astervoid 2000 is as simple a format of a game as possible, which makes my job incredibly difficult. Simple games give me little to talk about, and as such I have to elaborate and digress with rather useless text additions like the one you are reading now. Regardless, I have to put Astervoid 2000 into words. The problem also being those words could be ‘top down space shooter’ and that would pretty much cover it. The game is a simple task for those seeking simple experiences with themselves or with friends.

You are put in control of a ship, aiming with the right analogue stick and moving with the left analogue stick. Your aim is just to destroy other ships by shooting at them all whilst avoiding obstacles on the screen and attacks from the enemies. Ships come in different sizes from basic small vessels to much larger warships, all hell bent on wiping you from existence.

The game follows the ‘simple to learn, hard to master’ rule falling very hard on the simple end of that spectrum. You learn what hurts quickly, avoiding obstacles and charging shots being the two which will take the most time to perfect. The deliberate looseness of the controls means you can go pretty ape with what your given, permanently boosting around the arena if you decide to. The 4 player local play is a welcome addition and while customisation is limited there is enough to distinguish between each player.

That’s really it. You get a survival and versus mode to spice things up but the crux of the game was in the last paragraph. The game thankfully also looks pretty with its colourful pixel art design, with each object colourfully distinct from the other, and the electronic music keeps the pace of the game consistently high. All around the game is a good experience.

So all in all Astervoid 2000 is a wonderful little distraction. A simple yet fun experience with no extra unnecessary frills. A colourful return of classic top down shooting games with a surprisingly pumping soundtrack. A game being thin on content on its own is no reason to score it low, unless the pricing is incredibly high.

However for now the pricing is unavailable on Steam. While personally I would not pay a large sum for the game, value for money will depend on how much mileage you can garner from it. Astervoid 2000 for now sits comfortably high on my list of party games thanks to its 4 player local co-op play. A simple experience fit for a beer and friends earning an 8. If you’re looking for a new party game this might be the one for you.

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