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Genius HS-940BT Headset Review

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The Genius HS-940BT, a Bluetooth headset with a minimalistic design that advertises it’s fast pairing and far reaching connectivity. With the boom of mobile gaming, gaming on the move and general wireless gameplay a Bluetooth headset is needed now more than ever. For the devices that have in-built Bluetooth, or those that support dongles for Bluetooth support, the Genius headset brand will be tested quite a lot in the coming months.


The headset, like written above, is very simple in its design, a single colour of your choice, their brand symbol on one ear and buttons on the other. Extending the headset to its fullest will reveal how small the design is, from thin extended bars, flimsy feel and barely reaching a size bigger then my own hand.


The HS-940 doesn’t offer too much in the way of customising on the headset itself. You can extend its size for larger heads, but doesn’t extend quite far enough to satisfy my needs, with other wireless headsets extending much further. The ear pads themselves rotate about 40 degrees toward or away from your ear, swivelling around for about 70 degrees to face away from your ear. The extension bars and the overall headset is also very malleable, bending almost in half, though that doesn’t seem to be an intended feature.


While it does allow listening to music or programs on the go through your phone or other Bluetooth device, it lacks a bit of Bass and power to the sounds it transmits. While the headset does sound underwhelming it is a lot clearer than some other audio devices I have listened to, with little to no breakup in sound or clarity. The quality of the headset itself is debatable, from its flimsy design and tendency to swivel around whilst moving, it doesn’t feel sturdy at all, with fears of breaking it rising when picking it up.

Wearing the headset for prolonged use seemed to not give off any bad sad effects, the ear pads are rather comfortable and the headband itself is padded enough to not cause irritation to your head.

Product Description

  • Bluetooth module 4.1
  • Driver unit 40mm
  • Frequency response 160Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity 82±2dB
  • Wireless operating distance 30m
  • Battery type Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 450mAh
  • Battery charging interface Micro USB
  • Battery life 3 hours (charging)
  • 20 hours (playing time based on 60% playback volume)
  • Control panel Play/pause, Track previous/next, Volume up/down, Call answer
  • Audio input 3.5mm line-in
  • Audio cable length 1.5m
  • Microphone Yes
  • Color Iron gray
  • Weight 175g
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 192 x 154 x 76 mm (7.56 x 6.06 x 2.99 inches)

Overall thoughts and feelings

The headset comes with a nice little bag, with the cables required for charging and plug and listen, for those devices that lack Bluetooth.  The bag itself seems too big for the two cable needed, allowing room for your keys or dongles on the move, I would of liked the ability to store the headset itself within the bag or an accompanying bag, but sadly I am let down there.

The 15 hour runtime is debatable, depending on how you use it, sounds played, distance between the headset and device or how long you spend between sessions. The distance of 30 meters is pretty spot on, with good signal lasting up to just under the 30 meter mark.

Overall The Genius HS-940BT headset gets a 8/10, it is a welcome addition to my collection, being one of the better Bluetooth headsets to come my way, though lacking a good enough size to wear in total comfort. The lack of Bass is troubling when I listen to quite a lot of music and the aesthetic is a bit too plain when put in comparison to other headsets on the market.

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