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S-Board 840 USB Compact Keyboard offers Quality and Distinction

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The BakkerElkhuizen S-board 840 Design USB compact keyboard is distinctive and precise. Its unique design means it doesn’t include a numeric pad.  As it doesn’t have a numpad the mouse can be placed much closer to the keyboard. Research has shown that 90% of keyboard users rarely use the numeric pad. This means the S-Board 840 Design USB compact keyboard has greater comfort as it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse which significantly reduces strain on the shoulder and forearm. Its highly detailed design means its keys have dark letters on a light backgrounds which make them easier to read and are proven to contribute to increased productivity.

Its ergonomic design is at the forefront as will aid user’s styles and forge a productive working pattern, whilst reducing the symptoms of RSI. It is connected as comes with multimedia keys and 2 USB ports (USB hub). Its user-friendly keys include an extra wide space-bar and user-friendly positioned arrow keys. With many shortcuts, it’s the ultimate office, home and portable keyboard that makes typing feel pleasurable and fluid.  At just 2 cm thick it’s lightweight and fits easily in laptop bags . Lay-outs include. US, UK, DE, BE, FR, Sw, Ge and more.

The S-Board 840 Design USB Compact Keyboard has a suggested B2B retailer price of £51.99 (ex VAT) from BakkerElkhuizen

It is also available to the consumer market for £63.54 from Posturite.

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