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LucidSound LS20 Headset Review – Perfection on your Ears

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If I am, to be honest, I have never heard of LucidSound, until I started getting press releases from a good friend in public relations, showing off their new headsets, so it was a no-brainer to request a sample to review. As this is our first for review for LucidSound, we have to start small and work our way up to the big guns, which is the LS40 ‘Drools’

So my first thought was who is LucidSound? and this part is best suited to them telling you, so here is a direct quote from their website,

LucidSound is committed to bringing change to the gaming industry. Comprised of industry veterans, our collective experience allows us to take a fresh approach to gaming audio with the knowledge to build a quality product. We recognise that gaming is truly for everyone and aspire to make products anyone can enjoy.

LucidSound crafts audio products specifically for the needs of gamers in their everyday lives. Our headsets are designed to be worn in the living room but include styling and features for use on the go. We believe less is sometimes more and that translates to our sleek designs and our simple intuitive controls. Our philosophy is simple, make it look great, sound great and feel great.

As LucidSound are relatively new to the market, they currently only have three headsets available, they are the LS30, then the one we are reviewing, the LS20 and finally the high-end headset, the LS40, that’s it nothing else for now, as with all technology sites as new technology becomes available, as do new headphones, so their selection will grow in time.

A new firm, How good can they be?

Let’s start right from the very beginning, packaging sales and marketing, for me, means everything for a product to perform and sell well on a shop floor. Shit packing, shit sales patter, equals a total flop, as the avid consumer will simply walk pass them. Do the LS20’s hit the mark for me, well let us find out.

From the time you first see the headset on the sales shelf, you will get to see the headset from a side perspective, also showcasing the attachable BOOM Mic. They also include on the front, what systems the headset is compatible with, PlayStation 4, XBox One, PC and Mobile, everything basically, I did try to attach to the kitchen sink to listen to some tranquil water sounds, stupid sink just does not have the technology. The front of the box also states the headset is Amplified, Universal, wired and on-ear.

Moving to one of the sides, where it contains more information, they push the following;

  • Amplified Stereo Sound
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy-to-Access Volume Controls
  • Crystal Clear Communication
  • Built-in mic monitoring
  • 40mm Speakers
  • Bass Boost
  • Mobile Phone Control
  • Active and Passive Modes

There are something on that list that confuses me, Amplified Stereo Sound and Active and Passive Modes, what are these features, we shall come back to that after we scan the back of the packaging.

Innovative Control, it is easier for me to show you what they say, so here are some pictures of the back the product

For a new firm, this is not bad for sales and marketing of their new product, I am rather impressed, nice job LucidSound.

Unboxing – With a flip lid, sliding open with ease you are greeted with cardboard, an instruction manual, a bunch of cables and the headphones themselves. From the first view, I can see that the headphone are well packaged, even to the point where LucidSound has added some sponge to protect the external ear cups themselves.

In the bag, you will find a selection of cables, a USB charging cable which is 24inches/ 610mm/ 61cm long, a 3.5mm Audio jack which is 51.1811 inches/ 1300mm/ 130cm. You also get the BOOM Mic and what I believe to be the BOOM Mic headset Cover when not in use.

The instruction manual is basic as expected, tells you how to connect the cable up to the headset, attach the boom mic and how to set up for each system.

Now before we go and play with these new headphones lets find out how to set up the headset for each system starting with Xbox one.

Relatively easy, turn the headset on and then hold down the headset power button until the LED changes to purple, connect the 3.5mm audio cable to your controller, if your controller does not have a 3.5mm audio out cable you will need to purchase a Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter from your local retail outlet or online (preferably only it’s cheaper).

Then on your Xbox One go to all settings, Kinect & Devices > Devices and Accessories and choose Xbox One Wireless Controller in use.  The Select Volume set headset volume to Max and the set Mic Monitoring to Minimum, don’t forget to make sure headset mic is turned on obviously. Finally set Chat mixer for your desired level of chat and in-game volume (50% is default), after sorting this out, you can now use the volume on the headset to increase and decrease as well as mute.

Now for Playstation 4 again turn the headset on and then hold the power button down till the LED turns blue. Within the Playstation settings, go to devices > Audio Devices and set ‘Output to Headphone’ to ‘All Audio’. Set the volume control to maximum, you are now free to use the headphone controls going forward. Oh yeah, do not forget to attach the 3.5mm Audio cable to your Playstation controller.

PC and Mobile is just as simple, power on the headset, hold down to power button until it turns red, plug in the 3.5mm Audio jack into your desired device and enjoy. From what I know unless the amp is fully charged and working the Bass Boost and Volume control will not function under Mobile and PC mode.

OH yeah, the headset also works with the new Nintendo Switch.

Earlier I mentioned about ‘Amplified Stereo Sound’ and ‘Active and Passive Modes’ and wondered what each of them does and why they are so important to be put on the sales and marketing of these headphones.

Well ‘Amplified Stereo Sound’ what does it do and why is it so important, to a degree, if you like Music and Sounds then its a great improvement over passive mode, passive mode basically means when the headphones are turned off. I can tell you right now, damn the sound is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER with the headphone turned on, but still, the question has not been answered what is ‘Amplified Stereo Sound’

An amplifier can increase the quality of your listening experience, as the power provided via the 3.5mm Audio cable might not be enough to provide excellent sound quality, like exceptional bass or that perfect treble, with an amp in the headphone, this guarantees you the best quality sound you headphones can provide, I can tell you now, its true, turning the amp on you can truly hear the difference, everything from lows to mids and highs are all audible.

Active and Passive Modes, well now that is simple to answer, it’s basically amp turned on or off, and trust me, charge this beast up, it is well worth it, never use passive mode, its ok, but it is nowhere as good as it can get with the amp pushing out some quality sounds.

Quality for the price?

All I can say here is – damn for £79.99 you are being treated like a KING or QUEEN, padding on the roof of the headset, leather which is premium and soft to touch, on top of the band is ‘LucidSound’ etched into the soft leather.

Metal construction from the headband to the earphones themselves. High quality designed and constructed earphones with the LucisSound logo on each earphone on textured metal plates. To sit on your tender ears we have soft a durable leather pillows, there is just enough to make them perfect.

So Quality for the price, you are getting way more for the asking price.

Mobile Mode? worth it?

Well, are you stupid, I just said these headsets push out some sweet sounds, so yes 100% worth it, being able to answer calls and communicate within an inbuilt microphone is just an added bonus.You have full control of the volume, Mute Sound, Mute the Microphone and everything is ever so easy to do, the volume is controlled via the left headset simply rotate, if you wish to mute the sound, push down on the metal plate and it’s done, mute the microphone push down on the other metal plate. everything is easy and accessible.

You can even fold the headphones in and rest them on the shoulds when not in use, something that helps these headphones become even more versatile and suitable for on the move listening, or chillaxing after a short gaming session or having to listen to your folks or partner.

Everything is not all roses, though;

As these are on the ear headphones, your ears do warm up and based on your head size, you may get to a point where the pressure is too much and you will find that you need to take a break from using them. Don’t get me wrong the padding on them is great and for me, the pressure is just about right, though my ears did warm up and I did take a break from using them after around 2hours of use, not bad for a pair of on the ear headphones.

The built-in microphone is nowhere near as good as the BOOM mic, but what was I expecting, I guess for answering phone calls it is OK! I would say for all your gaming needs, please use the BOOM mic it is far superior.

You might want to get a 3.5mm audio extension to reach the cable behind your PC as 1.3m is not exactly that long, but for everything else, its perfect.

Could anything be included?

What would be great to be added, how about a cloth bag? that would not go a miss, so when these headphones are not in use you can package them away safely and give them some protection from general hang around scratches and dust.

So what do I think?

Damn Diggy, these headphones are ‘MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME’ and if they were off ear, then these would be ‘ TOTALLY MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME’, so on that note I can simply say, BUY you fool for £79.99 what are you waiting for, totally well worth the asking price, the sound is the best sound I have ever heard from a headset, and I have many headsets, from the RIG500E, Logitech G933, SteelSeries Siberia V2 and V3 and my Favourite The Razer Man O’War and the sound from these blow them away.

It is just a shame I can not use them over my Razer Man O’War for one simple reason, on-ear headphones during gaming for me is not that comfortable and I do hours and hours of gaming, so now all I need to grab is these new LS40’s and see if they can beat my Razer Man O’War wireless headphones with 7.1 DD surround sound, let the fight begin soon.

I am scoring them mmm, 10/10 The LucidSound LS20 has offered me the best on the ear headphone experience I have ever had the pleasure of using, superior sound and quality, and a joy to behold.Creative EVO range, are a total joke, compared to these, had to chuck that in there, had a pair hated them.

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