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Danganronpa 1&2 Reload Review

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Danganronpa was a fantastic game series on the Vita, a console that by all other means should have been a success, that is more of a niche console with some VERY Good rpg’s hiding waiting to be found, and some very good ports of PS3/4 titles that are unexpected. If you are a fan of RPG’s the vita is a console for you.

Danganronpa is a puzzle based murder mystery game that was released on the system and blew up in popularity, its not often a game on the Vita has the ability to spawn its own Anime series, but it manged too. So much so that we now have a re-release of the first two games on the PS4, released as Danganronpa 1 2 reload, a less than imaginative title but its not the title we are here for.

This is a game that has a massive resemblance to games like Phoenix wright, which is clearly a heavy inspiration for the game, running around solving a massive overarching mystery, it’s a game I have not had so much fun with since playing Persona 4, and I am still massively disappointed that I got the ending spoilt for me, but its what I get for browsing reddit and clicking spoiler tags I guess.

Really this game is a old school point and click adventure dolled up to the 9’s and ready to be played in the modern era. This is a genre that died out in the 90’s with some hit and misses as we have come along. You first person to wonder around the levels in both games in search of clues or people to talk to. For those who have ever played old point and click games you will know the pain of searching for a random object, and the inevitable step and click strategy to cover the WHOLE map until you find what it is you are supposed to find. Thankfully you can just press Triangle to see all intractable people and items in a given room, speeding up a depressingly slow gameplay from older games, giving this a much faster feel as you go through the worlds.

Graphically the games have not really change, it’s still the same 2D based game that was released over here back in 2014, and it’s something that is really showing its age, going from a small screen to the big screen did NOT help this game graphics in the slightest, we have characters that look slightly blurry and textures that do not help the game look any better. Things get a lot better when we switch over to the second game but still a lot of the same complains still remain. This is a game that is not great looking in the slightest, but if you came here looking for a fantastic looking game you really need to rethink, this game looks like poop, however it holds a story that is a fantastically designed murder mystery.

The story in both of these games are beautifully written, and if you are one of the few who have NOT had the ending spoilt for you count yourself lucky. Some of the twists and turns are memorable to say the least. Both games have the same style of wacky main character with a massive over the top humour, but with a sense of serial horror that comes from something being overly happy in a bad situation.

You in both games as a collection of strangers all brought together to solve the mystery of a murder, by…a really creepy looking bear, which at first gives the whole game a massive SAW vibe, you have to figure out. Along the way you also get class trials where you attempt to find out who in your group is lying. You will end up firing a bullet of truth straight at them, once you have figured out how to prove their argument wrong that is, giving the game a massive Phoenix Wright vibe to it all.

In the second game, however, these trails turn into Panic talk actions, giving you the ability to use different calls, however in both games you need to give your opinions to discover who exactly Is lying and how to find out the truth of it all.

These games are both “Remastered” for the PS4, and that does not mean much, they are graphically weak compared to most games being released on this time, and graphics snobs will turn their nose up at the game. However, if you can look past it to the fantastic story that is on offer, extra bonus if you are one of the few who do not know the story yet so you can fully experience a fresh experience it is definitely one to pick up, 8/10.

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