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Dawn of War 3 – Army Doctrines – Space Marines

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Invigorating Slam

Activating Slam invigorates the Dreadnought. Grants a temporary Shield that increases Speed while active. The bonus is only applied while Invigorating Slam has a Charge.

Ablative Armor

Predators gain a Shield that regenerates.

Tip of the Spear

Your Listening Posts can be used to Reinforce yours and allied squads as well as Heal Elite units.

Cover Fire

If Scout Snipers are in Stealth or Heavy Cover their ranged attacks Slow.

Rapid Drop Pods

Orbital Relays become available sooner after deploying units from Drop Pods and Thunderhawks.

Scout Strike

Stealthed Scouts apply a Debuff to their target. Deals bonus Damage and Reveals the target for a duration.

Improved Scope

Devastator Marines have increased weapon range while in Stealth or Heavy Cover.

Ablative Armor Landspeeder

Land Speeders gain a Shield that regenerates.

Slow Death

The Tactical Marines Flamer ability Slows Infantry and Immobilizes Vehicles.


Tactical Marines increase Speed when not in combat.


Snipers that remain stationary in Stealth Cover for a duration gain Stealth that persists even if they leave. Stealth is removed if they attack or get Detected.


Scout Snipers set watch on a Circle around a target position. When an enemy steps into the Circle area, Scout Snipers fire with increased Attack Speed at the target and get a bonus shot for each Charge they’ve accumulated. Scout Snipers build up to 10 Charges over time while Overwatch is channeling.


Devastators use their heavy bolters to Immobilize the target. The ability is cancelled if the target is Disabled, Jumps, Teleports or is behind a Shot Absorber.

Lone Wolf

Land Speeders fight harder when they are behind enemy lines. Increases Damage and reduces Damage Taken when not near allies in a Circle.

Improved Listening Post

Listening Posts you build have increased Health and do bonus Damage.

Improved Deathstorm

Deathstorm Drop Pods remain deployed for a longer period of time.

Emperor’s Influence

Reduces the ability Cooldown of Plant the Standard.

Thunderhawk Re-Deployment

The Whirlwind calls in a Thunderhawk that re-deploys them to the target position after a delay.

Destructor Devastation

When a Predator Destructor deals Damage it gains a temporary increase in weapon range and Attack Speed. Can stack multiple times.

Blessing of the Omnissiah

Production Structures and Listening Posts Heal you and your allies Vehicles in a Circle. Vehicles need to be out of combat for a while before they can Heal this way.


Army Doctrines – Eldar

Improved Scream

Howling Banshees Silence and Blind targets when melee charging.


Dire Avengers become temporarily Stealthed. Stealth is removed if they are capturing, attacking or get Detected.

Deployable Energy Shields

Bonesingers can construct energy shields that Block enemy movement and Absorb shots. Requires the Tier 2 upgrade on your Webway Assembly before they can be deployed.

Falcon Haste

Falcons have increased Speed while they’re out of combat.

Vyper Haste

Vypers temporarily gain increased Speed when their Shield breaks.

Presentient Robes

Increases the Shield of Shadow Spectres.

Reaper Focus

Dark Reapers in Stealth or Heavy Cover provide Vision in a larger Circle.

Banshee Rage

After killing 6 enemies, Howling Banshees gain a temporary Shield.

Ranger Focus

Rangers in Stealth gain increased Speed. This lasts a short duration after they leave Stealth. Rangers in Stealth and Heavy Cover also provide Vision in a larger Circle.

Avenger Shield

Increases the Shield of Dire Avengers.


Rangers enter a focused state, removing Stealth but greatly increasing their Attack Speed against the target squad. The ability is cancelled if the target moves out of range.

Focused Beam

The Fire Prism fires a charged beam from its prism cannon. Causes Damage in a Line.

Rift Blast

The Wraithguard fire less stable shots from their wraithcannons. Causes weapon to temporarily do Normal instead of Armour Piercing Damage.

Improved Listening Post

Listening Posts you build have increased Health and do bonus Damage.

Improved Plasma Grenades

Plasma Grenades do more Damage and have a reduced Cooldown.

Emergency Holo-Field

Shadow Spectres gain Stealth temporarily when their Shields break.

Crippling Blast

Enemies hit by the Fire Prism explosion are Silenced and Slowed.

Focus Shield

The Falcon creates a barrier around itself that Absorbs shots.

Temporal Stun

The Vyper’s Temporal Bomb Stuns in a Circle at the end of it’s duration.

Enhanced Holo-Field

The Webway Gate activates a large holo-field. Grants Stealth to self and in a Circle.


Army Doctrines – Orks

Get em Boyz

Boyz get hyped up when near other Boyz, increasing their Speed if they’re out of combat. The bonus caps out at 3 squads.

Tonz ‘o Bombz

Shoota Boyz that have looted Stikkbombs will periodically throw one at their current target. Causes Knockback and Damage in a Circle.

Rokkit Re-Fill

The Killa Kan loots through the Pile o’ Gunz. Rapidly generates Charges of rokkits.

Slice ‘Em

When using Buzzsaw Blitz, Deffkoptas attach to the first Vehicle or Structure they Collide with. Causes Slow and Damage over time.


Nobz gain a Shield when they Taunt. If the Shield is broken it Slows in a Circle.


Gretchin charge towards the target enemy vehicle. On arrival, channels a Stun on the target.

Thump from da Sky

Boyz call down bombs from orbit. Causes Damage and Knockback in a Circle. When a squad activates Thump from da Sky it goes on cooldown for all Boyz. If activated by 5 or more Boyz more bombs will come down than if activated with less than 5 Boys.

Find the Goods

Gretchin Teleport to a piece of Scrap.

Kommando Konscripts

Stikkbombs create additional smoke that temporarily Stealth your Shoota Boyz if they are in the explosion. Stealth is removed if they are capturing, attacking or get Detected.


Lootas activate a strong magnet, causing them to Jump to Scrap.


Lootas hide underneath an Attackable piece of Scrap. The Scrap provides Stealth for the Lootas until it is destroyed or looted. Stealth is removed if they are capturing, attacking or get Detected.

Rokkit Barrage

Tankbustas fire a barrage of rokkits that Scatter around the target position. Causes Damage in a Circle

Bomb Squig Mine

Bomb Squigs will burrow underneath the ground if they can’t find a nearby target, waiting to ambush a target

Traktor Pull

The Trukk’s traktor beam locks onto the target squad and pulls them in. Causes them to Jump into the Trukk’s hold.

Healin’ Scrap

Non-Elite units Heal after looting Scrap.

Long Range Rokkit

The Killa Kan fires a rokkit in the target direction, exploding at max range (or the first enemy it Collides with). Causes Damage and leaves behind a lingering Slow in a Circle.

Squig Spotta

The Big Trakk fires a squig at the target position. The squig Provides Vision and triggers based on proximity. This signals the Big Trakk to Scatter a 3 round barrage in a Circle around the squig.

Smoke Shells

The Big Trakk fires a smoke shell at the target position. Creates a patch of Stealth Cover.

Stukk In               

When Nobz die they grant stacking bonuses to the surviving squad members. Increases Damage, Speed and reduces ability Cooldowns.

Electrik Shield

While the Bigga Engine Shield is active Deff Dreads Slow and Damage in a Circle.

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