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Endless Space 2 Release Date, Physical Sku and Weekend Promotion

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Amplitude Studios has announced that Endless Space® 2, a title that in a modern redefines strategic turn-based sci-4X according to the French study, finally has a release date, complete with a physical edition coming in for PC! Endless Space® 2, in fact, will be released from access Steam Policy and will be available in full version on May 19. To celebrate this milestone, all players, starting from Monday, April 17, can buy the first Endless Space® on Steam at the special price of £1. For only £1 players will take home the full game of Disharmony DLC. All those who already own the base game will have in gift the DLC. Seize this offer by the weekend, given that next week the only opportunity to purchase remain the Endless Space® Collection which will include the base game plus DLC Disharmony at the price of £19.99.

Endless Space® 2 will arrive on PC on day one even in the physical edition, which will include a story written by Jeff Spock but born and thought by the community of the game. It’s called “The Last Flight of the Gray Owl” and narrates in detail the history and origins of the space shuttle that connects the three Amplitude games (Dungeon of the Endless ™, Endless Legend ™, and Endless Space® 2). The physical edition also includes an exclusive double-sided A2 poster of Endless Space Academy 2; from a side in the normal version, on the other hand, as seen through the reality amplified.

Endless Space® 2 is a turn-based space strategy, which further expands the popular Endless universe and puts the player in the charming role as head of one of eight civilizations taking their first steps into interstellar colonization, and allows you to face the challenge either alone and against friends. Endless Space® 2 is currently available in Early Access on Steam at a price of £26.24 (Standard Edition) and £33.74 (digital deluxe edition).

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