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eneloop expedition 2100 is ready for take-off

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Five teams of adventurers are now ready to compete in the ‘Facebook challenge’, the first battle in the eneloop expedition 2100. This exciting race will leave only three teams remaining. In the meantime, the successful eneloop European Photo Challenge has come to an end.

eneloop expedition 2100 selects 5 teams for the first challenge

The eneloop expedition 2100 is a 2,100 km trek across Europe in which (eventually) three teams of two individuals compete against each other. Each team follows a European walking route – from Copenhagen (Denmark), Cambridge (United Kingdom) or Poznan (Poland) – to the finishing line in Milan. The teams compete for the first prize, an amount of 21,000 euros to be donated by eneloop (Panasonic) to the charity of their choice.

On 28 April 2017, the 5 teams to be participating in the first challenge were announced. For this first challenge, the teams will have to create the largest possible fan base on their team page on Facebook between 1 May and 1 June. They have also been assigned the challenge of producing a creative movie about their home city and promoting it through social media. The teams are awarded points for the number of likes on their team page, the level of engagement of their fanbase and the creativity of their film. Want to learn more about the teams? Check out the website and Facebook page.

Two of the 5 teams will become the back-ups and the remaining 3 teams will be invited to the Initiation Day on 7 June. This is to take place at the location of the concept’s creator, ARK Communication, in Rupelmonde (Belgium). The teams will be welcomed by the organisation (Panasonic Energy Europe and ARK) and sponsors. These include Sparkle (social media displays), Adventure Food (instant meals for outdoor activities), Husky (outdoor specialist), Panasonic and Columbia Sportswear (outdoor clothing).

The teams will receive all of the necessary equipment for their expedition – including demonstrations – as well as tips & tricks to ensure the successful completion of the challenge. The organisations that the teams are affiliated to will be confirmed at the Initiation Day and the winning teams will be presented officially to the public on 22 June. A teaser will be disclosed on the website and on the Facebook page over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

The eneloop European Photo Challenge was a resounding success

In the meantime, the last eneloop competition – the European Photo Challenge – has now ended. This photo competition revolved around the environmentally friendly eneloop batteries from Panasonic and took place from December 2015 to March 2017. European photographers submitted their favourite nature photographs, associated with a specific theme. The pictures with the most likes were awarded a prize. Participating countries were Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg and Malta.

There were a total of 6 editions of the Photo Challenge, each with two winners per country and one first-prize winner. The country winners were rewarded with packages of eneloop batteries, while the first-prize winners received a larger prize (a camera and batteries) and raised money for environmentally friendly organisations. A total of 3,120 photographs were submitted, resulting in 117 lucky winners, and a donation of 40,000 euros by eneloop to charity.

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