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AJazz AK60 RGB Back Lit Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard Review

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RGB is to 2016 as clear electronics was to the 90’s, everything has them from Keyboards, to headsets to mousepads!? They are a staple now to pretty much any keyboard, including budget keyboards. However ones with pretty light effects and special effects when you type are now expected on Keyboards in the £60 price range, and if it doesn’t? Most people will not even consider the keyboard anymore.

In comes China, with their AJazz AK60, a clear naming scheme that 100% is not borrowed from the Corsair series of keyboards. This is a midrange keyboard coming in at around £90, and with features that mimic a lot of other keyboards in that area.

This includes scrolling rainbow colours, reactive typing, a weird heart symbol and a custom light, they are barebones, but they work and look nice, honestly I cannot fault them for what they have created.

The build quality of this keyboard can only be described in one word, Tank, the thing is heavy as hell and it has zero flex in it even when I tried to bend the thing. Full metal body construction, which honestly gives it a massive sense of a well-built keyboard. However on the build quality there is one nit-pick I have to say which is the hinges that hold the keyboard up at an angle, it is far to easy to knock these down, and I found myself having to re-prop it back up every time I tried to readjust the position of my keyboard, and ended up giving up and letting the keyboard lay flat most of the time.

One important thing this keyboard is missing is a wrist rest, and with how sharp the corners are on this keyboard, it is a necessary thing, because it really is a very sharp edge, hurting my wrist a lot whilst using it. The keycaps themselves it comes with are lovely, and really a delight to use, I’m a heavy user and I can’t see much wear on them yet, but the fact that there isn’t actually anything on the top of the//m definitely helps this.  Though some of the Functions keys are a little confusing, some make sense, I really like on the arrow keys there are little drawings of two running men, and for the life of me I can not find out what they actually are supposed to be doing, also on the up and down arrow there seems to be what looks like the contrast symbols, but again do not seem to actually do anything of note.

The keycaps should be pointed out are NOT cherry MX, they are some random Chinese brand that attempt to give the same feel as a cherryMX reds I believe, though the advertising does call them “Red” key switches which I do find a little misleading. However they are not the worst keycaps I have used and overall give a good amount of travel and actuation pressure that anyone will be able use for gaming or writing. However they are compatible with any other keycap set out there. Meaning you get given the choice of customising these however you actually want too, I also think these are a standard key set, unlike Corsairs unusual measurements on some keys.

(Note after playing around with these it turns out the little men change the direction of the colours and the contrast symbol changes the brightness of the actual keyboard. Along the top F keys each do their own particular function, my favourite though is the F7 key which when pressed 7with the FN key refreshes your webpage, two keys over from the F5 key, weird design all around.

There is also the ability to create your own lighting effect by pressing FN and record, it then allows you to press keys which will cycle through colours, meaning if you really want you can have a pure white keyboard with WASD to be in a different colour or something to that effect, I like that it allows you to do that within the software, though I can be a bit temperamental with some colours changing on key press and then depress for some reason, which is odd.

Overall the keyboard is fantastic value for money, and I honestly really enjoy the keyboard, possibly replacing my old K70 RGB after 3 years of abuse… however there are some parts that do annoy me, the keycaps are a tad spongey and if you really like that tactile feedback you get with real cherryMX you may find this too annoying, but I got used them pretty quickly. For the price and the build quality you really can not go wrong here, this is a fantastic keyboard and it makes me very excited to see what comes out of china next, 10/10.

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