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The Controller People – A Review of their Modded Controller

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“Setting the new standard for custom PS4 controllers” is a bold statement I’m sure you’ll agree.  Even more so when it’s elaborated on, that the innovative controllers being referred to are “setting a new standard in comfort and design”.  Both of these quotes come from the confident and very generous folk at The Controller People, who have very kindly bestowed upon me one of their innovative, comfortable custom controllers; specially crafted peripherals to lead even the most hardcore and competitive gamer to glory.  I wouldn’t consider myself hardcore or competitive, nor am I even a guy who would buy a second controller (I don’t like people you see), but if this new PS4 controller is a literal game changer, then I want to play with the best one on the market.

Thecontrollerpeople.co.uk is a simple, yet extremely passionate company who specialise in creating the best custom DualShock 4 controllers for a realistic, affordable price.  From the colour of your pad, to the height of your analogue sticks, here you truly have the freedom to personalise your pad to maximise functionality and comfort.  The company particularly comment on the innovation of their Clicksticks, and in the interest of those unfamiliar with the term, clicksticks are additional buttons built into the back of your controller which can replace your most familiar buttons, making them easier to press from a much more comfortable position.  Whilst using the easy to navigate construction menu, there is an awful lot of awesome customisation options that can be applied to your controller to make it absolutely your own, however in this article I’m going to focus on a few of the more impressive features that were so kindly applied to my strikingly vibrant pad.

Adding onto my comment above, the innovative clicksticks are the biggest selling point here and will easily grab your attention for both design and price.  Being unfamiliar to the competitive world of gaming, I was really sceptic at exactly how much difference a couple of extra triggers sticking out the back would provide, however after about 30 seconds of holding the pad it almost felt natural, as I found myself pressing them both instead of the traditional X and O buttons.  What makes these clicksticks unique is the design, which goes against what other market stalls provide by making them click downwards rather than inwards, matching the natural direction of your fingers.  Whether it’s in trigger or stud form, the clicksticks on offer here are easy to reach and easy to press, providing a satisfying click at a comfortable distance despite the additional sticky out bits; for a mere £25 you can turn a standard Dualshock controller into THE ultimate Dualshock controller.

The Build Page

The second game-changing feature I’d like to comment on is the I.A.S, which isn’t another European political party, but rather the Interchangeable Analogue System.  In lamest terms, what this does is give you the freedom to adjust the height of your analogue sticks, making them as tall or short as you need.  By default, your analogue area (oo err) will be unequipped with sticks, so simply open up the variety bag of various sized sticks and choose one that suits your playstyle and abnormal hand mass.  As well as the variance in height, these sticks are very easy to both insert and remove, making them an essential upgrade to give your and your pad an advantage on the playing field.  It’s also worth mentioning also that these sticks are coated in a seemingly more durable and noticeably more comfortable material, so they shouldn’t get knackered as easily as the standard DualShock 4 sticks we’ve all come to expect.  In all honesty, I wouldn’t personally have a reason to customise the height of my analogue sticks, however for a tenner I would gladly welcome the option to.

Click Sticks

The final innovative function of note is, admittedly, something I didn’t really appreciate at first, however as I surfed from game to game I found this to become a crucial expansion of my controller, and it will only cost you (pardon the pun) buttons.  The S.S.Ts aren’t a new Hip Hop masseev to hit the billboard charts, but rather the Spring Stop Triggers, a twistable latch that determines the travel distance for your R2 and L2 trigger buttons.  By bringing in the S.S.Ts into a FPS per say, will cause you to aim and shoot at a much quicker pace considering that the triggers now stop half way down, pretty neat hey?  Turning them upright or simply removing them will return them to normal, and alternating between the 2 positions will genuinely leave you breathless at how much of a difference they provide.  Once again, these new-fangled triggers were coated in a much more comfortable and durable material that provided a previously sought after level of grip that nicely stabilise my often clammy fingertips.  With the exact same mind frame as the Interchangeable Analogue Sticks, these quickly became an essential and cheap upgrade just clocking in at £10.50.  There are of course many more other customisation options, better grips, a circular D-Pad, Chrome finishes, however it’s clear that the 3 I have discussed are the literal game changers here, and additions that everyone at The Controller People are immensely proud of; to get a clearer idea of just how much personality you can bring to your DS4, simply head to thecontrollerpeople.com.

If you’re looking for a brilliantly innovative and passionate team to revolutionise your Dualshock 4 without stabbing you in the wallet, then you genuinely shouldn’t consider going anywhere else.  From adjusting the height of your thumb sticks to the ferocity you can press your trigger buttons, everything on offer has been expertly designed and built into your once obsolete controller.  The team’s proudest achievement, the excellently executed Clicksticks are comfortable to hold and incredibly easy to press, again turning you from just another player into one that should be feared.  The company’s building menu is very easy to navigate round and you’ll soon be giving every area of the controller its own upgrade and lick of paint.  Truth be told, to be the best you need to part with your cash, however rest assured that every penny spent has been worth it, and no matter how little or how much you’ve spent, the pad you receive will be like nothing else currently on the market.

If you’re willing to spend £54.99 on a brand new Dualshock 4 at your local retailer, do us both a favour and buy it from The Controller People, as for just a little bit more you can own something really awesome, really personal and ultimately really special.
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