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Curve Digital and Lucky Mountain Games Ltd. announce retro arcade-style racing game, RACING APEX

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Today at Gamescom, award-winning publisher Curve Digital announced that Racing Apex from Lucky Mountain Games Ltd will be coming to PC and console.

Inspired by the look and feel of classic arcade racing, Racing Apex combines fast paced driving action alongside vehicular combat with a multitude of weapons to destroy the enemy before they reach the finish line. Players will race it out in a variety of race modes, including both local and online multiplayer.

With a large array of characters and vehicles to choose from, players will be thrust into the world of Racing Apex to battle it out and become the Racing Apex Champion.

Publishing Director for Curve Digital, Simon Byron, said “We’re ecstatic about working with Lucky Mountain Games on Racing Apex. We know that there were a lot of other publishers clambering to sign this title, and we’re beyond happy to have Trevor and the team onboard.”

Racing Apex will launch in 2018.

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