A Message of Peace to the Gaming Community

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  1. Crags says:

    Some other words words from Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” #Gamergate is the first mass movement to place gaming journalism and the game industry under heavy scrutiny, and it will lead to exposure of corruption and unethical collusion in it. There is truly no reason for #Gamergate to stop yet, and having a critical outlook on the things you read on the Internet should indeed be a norm.

    Let’s not forget: a dozen articles in 24 hours proclaiming that gamers are dead. A JournoList (google it) style insider mailing list for game journalists of a certain political fringe. Cult meetings where you are told that “Independence a myth” and asking that “Where is the [Feminist] army?”. No apologies, no explaining the views, not a word of admitting wrongdoings. There is certainly at least one side who thinks there IS a war going on.

  2. Crags says:

    And of course, doxxing, death threats and insulting the other side has happened to both sides. So far I have yet to see the anti-#GamerGate-people publicly condemning their own for these things, while on Twitter, IRC and other forums it is the norm for gamergaters. If you think I am wrong, post evidence and prove me wrong here. In fact I am hoping for it. Such behavior should absolutely be stopped.

  3. admin admin says:

    From Twitter,

    WhiteHawk ‏@neokiva 12h

    @InvisionGameCom your guy seems to think #GamerGate #notyourshield is sexist and racist when we have men and women and poc working for this

    WhiteHawk ‏@neokiva 12h

    @InvisionGameCom we don’t hate women and we don’t hate poc we hate being treated like we are, being insulted and we hate being lied to

    1. Laurence Stark says:

      I’m sorry but you appear to have misread the article. Please read it again and re-evaluate your position. I wasn’t saying that the GamerGate movement is racist and sexist. I’m saying that the people you’re fighting against propagate that behaviour and trying to fight it with anonymous death threats is stupid.

      1. admin admin says:

        Thanks Laurence for your reply, I have notified the twitter user, that you have made a comment,hope this clears up things… maybe just needs to be re-worded different within the article, but that’s not for us to say.