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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Writer agrees that unrestricted copyright will be transferred from Writer to the Invision Game Community for the review, unless other agreements are mutually agreed upon in writing between Invision Game Community and Writer.
  2. The Writer agrees that all work done will be their own and not taken from any other individual or company. In the case of copyright being breached the Invision Game Community is not responsible and the consequences are solely taken by the writer.
  3. The writer agrees that they will not transfer or show the review to any other company for 5 years, unless other agreements have been arranged with the company Invision Game Community with written consent.
  4. Invision Game Community will provide you with the game/code and if required links to press packs for the purpose of writing a review.
  5. The Review writer understands that he/she will receive the game with the understanding that they will write a review on the game.
  6. All delivery costs will be paid by the review artist.
  7. Invision Game Community will notify the review artist of any change in circumstances to the date of review submission (We will give you seven days on receiving game/code to complete and send in your review) Extensions will be given if needed.
  8. The game to be reviewed is Invision Game Community’s property until the review has been completed, received by the Invision Game Community and is of satisfactory standard. Unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon.
  9. The Invision Game Community reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notification.
  10. Invision Game Community reserves the right to cancel the game or product code and request full payment (RRP) if review writer does not complete the Game Review.

If you Accept the terms and condition please click Accept, this will load your Default Mail Client on your PC just add the following information:

If you do not have a Mail Client then please send your request to admin@invisioncommunity.co.uk copying the Terms & Conditions and the requested information below. In the subject line please add Staff Game Order

Name of Game:


Developer or Publisher:

Date Due:


Real Name:


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