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For Honor Open Beta Preview

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For Honor, a game that resembles what would happen if you combined Mount & Blade with a MOBA. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, For Honor puts you into the sabatons of Knights, Vikings and Samurai is a world where 3 vastly different cultures meet on the battlefield, out of time and out of history.

The following is a preview of the Open Beta state of For Honor, and all information is subject to change.

Game modes

(This preview will be very similar to my early preview of the Alpha/closed Beta and is more of an overall look)

From the 4 game modes, Elimination Deathmatch, Dominion, 1v1 and 2v2, For Honor has a lot on its part for the multiplayer aspect of its gameplay. Each match awards you war assets to place on the map to control zones for your faction as well as experience to your class and orders for more exp and steel. With just the multiplayer on hand as of now, For Honor is lacking that little bit extra to set itself apart from all the other multiplayer games out there, when game modes are considered.

Setting aside the already toxic community, connection issues are rampant, from people leaving games causing them to crash, bots replacing dead players as alive ones, groups disbanding through connections, not being able to form groups, horrible matchmaking and more. Sadly the final test before release has not filled me with much hope for the multiplayer part of For Honor, besides being able to play it with friends and ignoring the enemy team’s constant barrage of immature language.


The classes are all very different from one another, with clear counter picks on offer, from faster classes being able to side-step the slower ones and hybrids allowing free-reign of the field. Each class is easy to come to terms with but hard to master, with 9 classes right now it will be a long time before you learn each and every one’s move sets.

Most of the maps that were shown off in the pre-release events were aesthetically pleasing and gave several approaches to capture points and duelling zones. Sadly some of the earlier maps from Alpha and pre-alpha are missing, or I merely did not get to play on those ones. With talks of co-op and a closer look at the story campaign I will have a much better idea on the future of gameplay in For Honor.

Overall thoughts and feelings

Stability is still one of the biggest issues in For Honor, though fixed slightly as time has gone on. Besides connection issues, For Honor has plenty of UI bugs and errors with hit detection, from your mouse being displayed on the screen or attacks moving through enemies instead of hitting them. There was also plenty of non-English players playing in matches with my full team of UK players, which is a concern for cross-team chat combined with ping superiority.

Like I have said in previous articles, For Honor looks promising, but that promise is wavering in my mind. From paid character DLCs, mentions of money for steel for a Pay to Win model, along with the general fan mistrust of Ubisoft, For Honor is sat within a grey area. With the full release almost upon us, it might be best to wait for gameplay and reviews of the final release to be shown before making your purchase.

For Honor was Preview on PC

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