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Rezzed 2015

EGX Rezzed 2015: A Numbers Game

New Guild Wars 2 Expansion Crowned Game of the Show Gamer Network, the world’s leading network of independent video games websites and producer of the UK’s premiere video games events, takes a rosy look back at last week’s EGX Rezzed.…

Rezzed 2015 – Life is Strange: Episode 2

Lead developers from Dontnod Entertainment give us the low down on what to expect from Episode 2 of the ambitious five part adventure game.

Rezzed 2015 – EGX Rezzed: Creative Assembly Game Jam

Individuals & teams create a game in a day and have it reviewed by a panel of games industry professionals.

Rezzed 2015 – Playtonic: Rebirth Of The 3D Platformer

Playtonic Games detail plans to resurrect the 3D platformer.

Rezzed 2015 – Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns

Designers from ArenaNet walkthrough the key features and reveal of the massive open world combat.