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Lewis Hallam
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My name’s Lewis and I’m 25 years old (I tend to forget that sometimes) and was born and bred in Nottingham. I graduated from the University of Sunderland back in 2011 with a 2:1 degree in broadcast journalism and shortly moved down to Croydon to begin a magical career as an Account Executive. I’m also the owner of a company which creates and develops games. We’ve not had success yet, but fingers crossed for the future.

Any spare time that I get tends to be taken up by games, music, television and game development. I tend to be a bit of a trophy hunter when it comes to games and try to platinum as many as I can.

I can guarantee you that anything MMORPG will be loved by me but I also love platformers, RPG and action games. My only down side is it takes me hours to finally pick a character I’m happy with.

Favourite games have to be:

1) Final Fantasy VII
2) Final Fantasy X
3) Borderlands 2
4) Persona 4
5) Infamous Second Son

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