If you are a student or a graduate then the following statement may sound familiar to you; “Unfortunately your application has been unsuccessful. We felt other applicants had more relevant experience in the role you applied for and therefore on this occasion we will not be progressing with your application. We wish you luck in your future endeavours.”

One thing students struggle to get before they leave college or university is valuable work experience to take with them into the job market. We see many students come out of university looking to nail down their first adult jobs, but they then struggle when it comes to competing with hundreds of other competitors from all over the country who have the same qualifications.

Invision Community was created in January 2011 to be at the centre of trying to resolve this issue. We believe it is important to try and help provide students and graduates with opportunities to build up and improve their C.V. and we are committed to helping them by offering valuable work experience in I.T. and Journalism. We do this through having students help out with the running of our website and by writing articles on topics based in the gaming industry; this could be anything from an opinion piece, coverage of a gaming exhibition or a preview/review of upcoming games and hardware.

Our aim is to carry on providing a quality news service and grow even bigger so we can aid more students and graduates with the opportunities to gain the experience they need to take with them into their future careers.


As we are growing all the time we look to bring in new partners who can supply us with samples of their products in order for our staff to review. This benefits us as it gives our staff opportunities to gain more experience, a chance to grab some great gaming goodies and it creates additional content for our site to attract larger audiences.

It also benefits the suppliers as it potentially creates the chance for increased sales revenue due to posts going out to our rapidly growing audience. This currently stands at over one million standard hits per month and is continuing to grow by 10% month on month thanks to the optimization of social media. At the same time companies can be seen supporting a site that is helping students and graduates to gain work experience during and after their studies to help them pursue their desired careers.

So if you’re a company looking to have your games or technology products reviewed and showcased to a growing audience, feel free to drop us an email.


In the wild it’s survival of the fittest and the job market operates in a similar way, the stronger your C.V. the more chance you have of getting interviews for jobs. Unfortunately many people finish education with little or no work experience which leaves them at a disadvantage when it comes to job hunting. To correct this we provide students and graduates with opportunities to gain some valuable work experience in fields such as IT and Journalism.

As well as valuable experience we also offer our Community Members, the chance of a life time; from earning free games and hardware to attending some of the biggest gaming expeditions around the globe. We also help organise interviews with game developers and publishers to discuss current and upcoming projects in addition to arranging for our community members to attend special behind the scene events to get sneak peeks at some of the latest games yet to be released.

In addition we will also allow for students to post a limited number of adverts on their reviews which may be linked to affiliate accounts they have in order to help them source an income. In addition any videos they produce that go on our YouTube channel, this can be game play or video reviews, means they will benefit from a percentage of the monetization that we receive. Not just that, but unlike other sites who only allow their website to showcase your work, we encourage you to create your own blogs, websites and vlogs to help build up our web presence, again providing you an opportunity to monetize your reviews.

We hope at some point, as we grow through the years, to be able to offer our Community Members a chance to get some money behind their work as well as the product they get to keep. This has always been something we wish to strive towards, and one day we hope this will become reality.

We have no control over the products that get sent to us to review once the product has been passed over to the artist to review/preview. We do make sure that they understand and read what is sent to them and do not break any rules or regulations set forth by them.

So if this sounds like something that you believe would benefit you then click the image below to download an application and email it to admin@invisioncommunity.co.uk

joinWe work alongside many industry acquaintances and friends and 99% of the reviews on site are from products sent to us to review, from all types of game studios, hardware outlets, and peripheral manufacturers, without them we would not be here, without the views, we would not be here, without great staff over the years, we would not be here and for this we are eternally grateful.