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Benefits and Activities of Using Reading Games for Kids

We live in a time where everything is online, everything is visual and this presents us with an opportunity to use these online tools for our kids and contribute to their learning. YouTube is filled with videos for kids and what is most wonderful YouTube is full of educational videos. Kids can learn from numbers to dance moves, provided through thousands of videos. Of course, there are special websites designed to create educational videos for K-5 students to learn all kinds of things, with many options to choose from. Why are educational videos useful? Many parents think that letting their children watch videos and cartoons is not good for them because they are afraid that children will get addicted to smartphones, tablets, and computers. The secret here is to monitor how much time your little one spends online. Many parents cannot see all the benefits that these learning options give. Children, especially those of a young age, learn visually. The power of educational videos nowadays is something to be taken under serious consideration. Some websites have developed a platform that provides videos of different kinds for kids that educate them in different areas of life. These videos among others, boost their comprehension skills, develop their imagination, improve their thinking and creativity and teach them how to think more critically. If these videos are very large, then you can learn how to send large videos and not let this be a challenge. Also, the other good thing about these videos is that they teach the children by doing, meaning they have quizzes, puzzles, games, and other activities that teach them new things by practice. So if parents show educational videos to toddlers, they help them understand the world through pictures, videos, and sounds. Catchy songs where a pink bear and blue rabbit sing the alphabet gets into your head and stays there. Children at an early age can learn things faster than adults, thus by simply watching videos, they can learn a new language. These videos, by illustrating how games are played, how to braid doll’s hair, how to build Lego castles, etc, build up their system of thinking which will be engraved forever in their brain. I think educational videos are the best for language learning. For example, if a child watches one video over and over again (and they do it thousands of times) it will stick, the more the child sees it the more she starts to understand. Educational videos for kids are usually very simple, colorful, and have catchy tunes. One of the biggest benefits is the way kids learn languages from educational videos. Videos boost physical activity The second good thing is that educational videos make children dance and move around. If the parent thinks their children do not run around enough, open the Internet and look up for some videos that teach dances and different active games. Believe me, they get hooked, especially when mom and dad also play along. Our children need to be active and if there are videos that encourage kids to jump and run around, then why not show them to them? That's why we parents have to monitor how long children spend time watching videos. Because at one point you can say that now it is time to go outside to teach other children also new dance moves and new games. Especially children love those videos that are popular all over the world and everyone is dancing after them, singing the songs and playing the games. And we all know that singing, dancing, and playing connect children more than any social media site. Boost children’s creativity The third thing that a little bit older children can learn is all kinds of tutorials that teach how to draw or how to help their mom in the kitchen or dad in the garage. Many parents are now investing in kitchen remodeling and making the kitchens reachable for their kids so that they can teach them how to cook by watching tutorial videos. This boosts their learning and understanding. Children want to learn, they want to show their parents how well they learn and how much they want to help. So why not let your child watch an educational video about changing a tire or making a salad. Educative videos teach our children new skills. Whatever you want to learn just Google it and you will get thousands of videos to choose from. Educative videos are tools for parents to help with childhood development. In a way, today parents' lives are easier thanks to the technology we have now. Many are still a bit afraid of the power of technology but we have to look at the bright side and be thankful for the opportunities it gives us. Educational videos for children can make chemistry much more interesting for a child, these videos show the world to kids and they make them want to travel. Educative videos bring languages to our children and make them want to learn different languages. The biggest benefit that educational videos give us is the way they get children’s attention. Suddenly something boring has a video, a sound, a picture. If a parent has taken the RN exams and practices nursing, they can use videos and roleplay to teach kids about nursing. Let the kids learn. Help children develop literacy skills Literacy is the foundation of your kid’s learning. You know your child is literate when they can confidently converse in a particular language. Reading games are instrumental in helping children develop a broad range of literacy skills such as reading, speaking, and writing. When their reading skills are advanced at a young age, they will not have problems perfecting their speaking and writing competencies. These games are interactive. They will help your child become fluent in reading, build their vocabulary, develop phonics skills, and text comprehension. Therefore, you should get your child the devices they need to play such as reading games. Conclusion Reading games are not only fun but educational as well. They will enhance your child’s creativity, physical activity, and help them become literate. Apart from encouraging your child to read school books, you should help them to develop a culture of participating in these games.