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Grab the Fall Guys MVP Bundle Now

The name echoes across the arena... “MVP! MVP! MVP!” The Blunderdome loves a champion and the beans are ready and primed to cheer home a new hero. Could it be you..? Well, perhaps! Whether your Crown stack is absolutely astronomical or more on the amateur side, you can always look the part with the new MVP Bundle—exclusively from Prime Gaming! Inside our latest limited-time drop, you’ll find the super-sporty MVP Costume and three whole Crowns, so you’ll always have a slice of that delicious Fall Guys glory. This costume has been specially crafted for optimal stumbling, with stylish sweatbands and athletic shorts that proclaim to the world “I am an Amazon Prime member and I’m ready to win”. Plus, mix and match top and bottom halves to craft the ultimate look. Fancy creating a Sugar Plum athlete? Want to combine your hot new track trainers with the Wicked Witch to really nail that health-goth look? You do you, we think you look amazing.