Craig Edwards

Achievement: Direct Quote from there HO “Thank you for sending over coverage from Invision! We’re really happy with how detailed each title was covered and impressed with the speed of content upload from this site. Please thank them on behalf of us.” -KOEI TECMO

Lewis Hallen Achievement _ Accolades Trailer

Phil Dean Achivement for GET EVEN

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Staff Feedback

First we have no comment for the following artists in red,

  • Joshua Maddox

Aidan Bates – Each and every year Aidan keeps improving his skills, his work load has been reduced slightly possibly due to other commitments in life, but when he does do his work, he is up there with the best.

Jimmy Dean – Left uni, Graduated and started his first job, not the greatest job based on his degrees but something to tie him over for money over the Xmas period, hope he evaluates this in 2017 and gets that dream job we all desire to get. When it comes to working for us, he is mostly on time, but other commitments do get in the way, otherwise he is a great writer for us.

Gergana Kermenliyska – What can I say, her work is beyond anyone else’s on sites, her work is long and very in-depth, this girl can write and deserves a job in this medium, she can put her pen to any game and turn her work into a novel, into the 1K word count without shedding a single bit a sweat, this girl has a future that only she holds the keys to, but it could be bright if the key opens the right door.

Nathan O Grady – His real life commitments have royally messed him around this year and he has not been at his best,When he was on ball, he is great, does great work and writes like a bat out of hell, just needs to bash the writer’s wall once in a while and go back to his roots.

Phil Dean – Been a DJ at a local station a graduate, left his DJ job and who knows what he is going to do now, but I know he will find his feet again, just like he does when it comes to writing for us, sometimes he is great, works flows on time and with a great emphasis on quality, then there are the times, when  life takes over and time management lapses, Phil has a great life ahead of him, open the right doors and the world can be his oyster.

Lewis Hallam – Like Ham, is good in a sandwich, but not good being left out, Lewis is a bit like that when he knows the score he’s a happy chappy, when there is something not quite right, he will make sure you know about it. Feedback has been great this year, his Town of Light article has gathered some traction and is now being used for Marketing and promotional purposes, and his latest Review Rise & Shine, was praised Highly from the developers behind the game. When speaking to other developers and PR people that he has worked with through 2016, all have said his work is to a high standard, yet sometimes we feel, we would like to see more of him within work, you know when Lewis has had a bad time, you can feel it within his work.

Benjamin Guy – Even though you are working your butt offas a teacher your time keeping is not perfect, but your reviews when handed in have been good, you have been a good friend as well, so thanks and good luck.

Thomas Lashbrook – Indie firms commented back for me – its a breath or fresh air seeing our games being picked up, it would be nice if more would do the same, even though our games where not up your ally, you where honest with your thoughts and this is something we respect, we wish you all the very best for the future at Invision.. PR firm

Jimmy Dean – I know when you hand in a review, it will be a good read, grammer perfect and well polished, communication is great, time keeping is ok (Uni working taking over expected) I hope you carry on with the good work and stay on with Invison for the future,

Daniel James – I wish you where up to your oldself, but its understandable that you are very busy thanks to your teaching job, otherwise you have proven to me to be a good member of the team. Good luck as a teacher and I hope to see you back on top form sooner rather than later mate.

Nathan Mills – White working with us, he garned plently of experiances and ventured forth himself and started C&N Online, have to be honest, was gutted he left and wanted to go it alone, and thought staying with us would of benefited him more with C&N Online. He Has moving on into public relations and is doing very well from what I know.

Amy Johnson – Her stint with us was short and sweet, but her work was of an excellent calibur, She is now in the TA (Territorial Army) and loving it, I hope she does very well for hersrlf, I also hope that, Amy at some point going back to modeling, why? because she has the skills.

David Walters – This guy is a quite chappy and only has an Xbox One to review games on, so his work is very limited, he does do his best, and we are still helping him to improve as and when its needed.

Laurence Stark – The reappearing, disappearing artist, we called him in the end, as he would appear, do loads of work then disappear,  of coarse this could not go on forever, so we said our goodbyes, while he was here he did a good standard of work, which was appreciated at the time. We wish him all the very best and what ever he decides to do, he does not let others take control and ruin it for him.

Christian Krill –  While he was here his worked was to a good standard, however he let himself down towards the end, ignoring timeframes and treading a very thinline, this could not carry on, so we said our goodbyes, it was a pleasure having him as a friend but I reckon having him as a staff member took its toll. Christian is easily influenced and beleives there is good in other poeple even when there is bad, we wish him all the very best.

New artists yet to have feedback and achievments include the following:

  • Craig Edwards
  • Gareth Evans
  • Joleen Newton
  • Adam Barge
  • Jack Maile
  • Joseph Kerr
  • Daniel Paine
  • Adam Morgan
  • Sam Davis
  • Kian Nightingale
  • Jordan Adams
  • Rebecca Ling
  • Joseph Roach