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Welcome the Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switch Lite is designed as a handheld console only,  you can not connect it to your TV, and the Joy-Con’s are built right in.

The resolution for the Nintendo Switch Lite display remains at 720p, without any way to adjust the brightness. The Nintendo Switch Lit has a 5.5-inch touch display, compared to 6.2-inch for the original, there is no HD rumble or IR sensors, so motion control games are just not available. NOte of caution, not all games will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite, If you attempt to purchase a game that’s incompatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite from the eShop, you will receive a warning.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is launching on September 20th  for $199.99. The Pokémon Sword and Shield versions will be out on November 8th.