Anthem Setting Up To Be Another Bioware Disappointment

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  1. Alison Jones IGC Admin says:

    Christopher (MOD) over at N4G, failed this and called it FAKE, this is how stupid they are, an opinion can not be fake, he claims ‘That closed door demo was made public https://youtu.be/p-nKttWT7JM Logic falls apart with that alone’

    We mentioned this within the artcile, yet our writers opinion is still a valid point, Diffinition of an Opinion ‘a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.’

    1. Alison Jones IGC Admin says:

      A reply from them, Christopher (MOD) over at N4G

      An opinion built on the premise that the reason it’s going to fail is because they had a demo that was private. The demo was made publicly available, it negates the whole point of the opinion (uncertainty due to them not showing it off to the public).

      It still being a disappointment is warranted, but spreading misinformation, even from an opinion piece, is not something we want to do or encourage. The author can still have that opinion, but they need to present it in a different manner as right now their sole reason for it is incorrect.

      And, remember, removing it from N4G doesn’t remove the opinion. That opinion exists. It’s just not being promoted by N4G, which is fully within our rights to determine, especially when information presented is incorrect.

  2. Vapid says:

    Made a account just to say this article negative as hell. The whole part of a closed door demo is stupid. Oh I guess they weren’t confident Well, I guess cd project red wasn’t confident in cyberpunk who did a closed demo as well. “The need to show gratuitous amounts of gameplay.” Bro, they have been showing the same mission. the same singular mission. I guess, ubisoft dosen’t have confidence since they showed gratuitous amounts of gameplay for the division 2. This whole article reads like a hit piece.

  3. Kelrock Kelrock says:

    you can’t really judge BioWare based on one bad game. if you read (which i am sure you did) about the all problems ME:A had to deal with from the beginning of development, Casey Hudson had nothing to do with ME:A. Gaider, Karpshyn and Flynn all left to pursue something else, they couldn’t stay with BioWare forever. this opinion piece you wrote seems solely based on here-say and not cold hard facts. when Feb 2019 rolls around, when you have a good 10+ hours logged onto Anthem, only then your judgement will truly be validated.

    1. Fredd Eyles Freddrock says:

      Kelrock, I can definitely judge Bioware on one bad game. Let’s take Telltale for example. They started out strong and then stayed with the same pattern and became a toxic company that produced the same game over and over again. I don’t need another game by the same “publisher” (Electronic Arts) to have an opinion piece on what I believe to be a preview of things to come. The team may have changed on Anthem but the publisher is still the exact same and the publisher is who makes all the final decisions. What you are looking for Kelrock is a review, which no one will have until 3-weeks before the game at the earliest. I don’t really understand how I am looking for here-say when I have listed actual facts that have happened before the games release. The way people come to a conclusion on an opinion piece is by gathering information from various sources and creating their own thoughts, which is what I have done here. I am not looking for validation. I am just looking to have an opinion.