Fallout 76 Review

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  1. Iain says:

    Really enjoyed that review, wrote with passion. As a i really enjoyed fallout 4 i was kinda leaning towards this. But after hearing about the game i knew i had to read a review before deciding whether or not to go for this. Loved the article Aiden! Nice work! 🙂

  2. Fredd Eyles Fredd Eyles says:

    I agree. Can I have your babies? Fallout babies would be something eh…

    1. Aidan Bates Aidan Bates says:

      They shall have a high IQ and number of arms.

  3. Gumakovec says:

    Forget about Fallout 76, check out Encased instead. 🙂 Its inspired by original Fallout, so its different, party-based, deeper, real RPG…

  4. L.S says:

    Succinct review, harsh yet fair. Definitely noticed the developers slowly introduce more ‘mmo’ style elements since 3 as 1 & 2 were very much geared towards the eternal wanderer; numero 3 had the same ‘no place is truly home’, but added the chance to squat in some fancy digs. 4 expanded further and now with 76, we have shifted ostensibly back a little but doubled the repetition to fulfill the grinders in the crowd. Pity. :/