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Is cloud gaming the future of gaming?

Google Stadia
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  1. Cloud gaming is absolutely the next frontier and just as streaming video services like Netflix have forever restructured the TV and movie business as far as how content gets distributed to the consumer and the economics of doing this, it seems clear the same will happen with games as a result of cloud gaming. For those who are on the engineering and operations side of the business, this podcast interview with Electronic Arts, discussing the challenges with delivering a high quality gaming experience over the open Internet, may be of interest.

  2. Alison Jones says:

    I am on the edge, a rather long edge before I get to it. I prefer to own my games, I understand that you never truly own a game only the rights to play the game, but that is enough for me. Never owning the game in essence to me is a no go area, I love to have digitally downloaded games on my system or hard copies to look at as I know I can play them offline. Always online streamable versions rely heavily on being online and using up the bandwidth, you can see this from Google Stadia, 4K streaming requires bandwidth and a huge amount of data. I understand it for people that don’t have the time to warrant paying for games and the monthly cost is great, other than that to me its not something I will ever jump into.

    Enjoyed the Podcast though