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Metroidvania Outbuddies DX Announced for Switch and Xbox One

Headup has announced that Outbuddies DX, a 2D side-scrolling adventure game in the spirit of the classic ‘Metroid’, is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with the PS4 version planned for later this year. Developed by Julian Laufer…

Shmup Rigid Force Redux Heads to Switch and XBox One

Award-winning Indie games publisher, Headup has announced that Rigid Force Redux, a horizontal shoot ‘em up with modern 3D-Graphics, is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One very soon.

Guerrilla Collective A Online Video Game Event Announced

A worldwide coalition of leading independent game companies and partners have announced the Guerrilla Collective, a group of publishers and developers dedicated to bringing the experience of exciting news and reveals home to viewers globally. The three-day celebration kicks off…