David Walters
David Walters
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Currently studying Mcomp Computer Games Development at the University of South wales. I have a fondness for most games but a special disposition for RPG games. You can contact me at david@invisioncommunity.co.uk

The Darwin Project Preview

The Darwin Project, the latest game in this current Battle Royale boom that’s currently trending with games now. Currently available for preview for Xbox One and Steam the game is built by Scavenger s…


Final Fantasy Mobius is a RPG game developed by Square Enix and published by Square Enix on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Originally developed as a game giving a console gaming experience on …

The Caligula Effect Review

The Caligula Effect is a Dungeon Crawling third person JRPG developed by Aquira and published by Atlas available for PlayStation vita. Featuring the same writer as the first three Persona games Tadash…